• Is Open Source Freemium?
    Today’s inspiration arrives courtesy of Old Man Dan at OMD Ventures, Freemium-ization of Society: I expect free tiers for every new service. I didn’t know I had this expectation until I was outraged when met with “pay to play” services. Outrageous isn’t it? How dare they charge me for something […]
  • Open Source Support Is Not Just Money
    I follow a lot of folk on social media, well Twitter, and one of them is Michael Babker. He is an amazing supporter of open source projects. Like his time to actually make things work. Here’s his tweet from this week: I’m having one of those mornings where I’m annoyed […]
  • How WordPress Are You?
    Inspired by another newsletter (totally not in the technology arena), I bring you a quiz to see HOW WORDPRESS ARE YOU? If you want to know what the inspiring newsletter is, just contact me. You will be scored! Add up your numbers to be scientifically placed in your correct Custom […]
  • WPYall, Not for Yall
    Well the first WordCamp of 2022 is now to be determined. WordCamp Birmingham aka WPYall has been postponed due to Covid, #WPYall Postponed Until Spring: As a result, the WordCamp Birmingham Organizing Team has unanimously decided to postpone WP Y’all until a future date in April or May when we […]
  • Open Sourced-ish Financial Model
    Over at Ellipsis Marketing, Alex Denning announced today, Open sourcing our $2k financial model spreadsheet for WordPress businesses: Ellipsis’ financial model sheet is invaluable for getting insight into the performance of any WordPress business. It’s one of the tools we use to base our recommendations on for clients, allowing us […]
  • Joomla Mis-Discussed
    There is a so much to say about Joomla but a huge discussion on Post Status over recent open source issues (see Open Source Support Crisis and More Open Source) is completely misunderstanding Joomla. What about the Joomla official marketplace precipitated its downfall? Are the factors/environment analogous to WordPress? Tbh, […]
  • More Open Source
    I’m quite happy that the difficulties of being an open source contributor are coming more and more into the public sphere. Bigger names with bigger audiences are getting into the mix, following my post Open Source Support Crisis, I came across Open Source Considered Harmful by the Morten Rand-Hendriksen. What’s […]
  • OMG! I Understand web3
    I am not going to say there is a be-all and end-all single simple definition of web3, but by golly My first impressions of web3 by Moxie Marlinspike nails the basics and goes into some interesting technical issues. This quote is particularly clarifying: I have only dipped my toe in […]
  • Open Source Support Crisis
    Another day, another story about the critical role open source software has for everyone. Let’s quickly remind ourselves of the last big open source crisis from less than a month ago, log4j. Justin Dorfman, writing at VentureBeat, What Log4Shell teaches us about open source security: And, finally, why does it […]
  • Keep it Concise
    “I won’t bore you.” “Let me get to the gist.” “Here’s the deal.” Why do we hear this all the time followed by a 30 minute “elevator pitch?” If you have to tell someone who you are then you’re doing something wrong. Actions speak louder than words. We give off […]
  • WordCamp Conundrum or Not
    So I briefly touched on WordCamps and Covid in Open Source in 2021, but WP Tavern has taken a deeper dive into the situation, WordCamp Birmingham Updates COVID-19 Protocols Amid Omicron Surge, WordCamp Europe Still Planning for In-Person Event: “WordCamp Central has agreed to cover the budget for additional safety […]
  • Compostable … errr … Composable Ecosystems
    The kind of thinking that comes out of Marketing MBAs sometimes just drives me nuts. Wait, what are you selling? How is this different than last year … last decade … last millennium? The garbage industry phrase of 2022 has just been minted. Composable Ecosystems. Let’s take a peak into […]
  • Open Source vs Beginner’s Bubble
    Sometimes a concept comes across that in hindsight is so crazily common sense that you wonder why you didn’t learn about it in kindergarten. Welcome to the Beginner’s Bubble! So this came from an op-ed in the New York Times, Skeptics Say, ‘Do Your Own Research.’ It’s Not That Simple. […]
  • Yoast on Shopify
    Hot off the presses, We have big news: Yoast SEO is coming to Shopify! Well well well, definitely should’ve seen this coming, it’s a natural way to expand their market – but is this a harbinger of where the WordPress ecosystem may be headed? Let me spare you the suspense. […]
  • Internet Education
    No, not talking about e-learning, e-courses, or learning management, talking about straight up public education of how the internet works. What a web page is. The basics. Ripped from the headlines, Interesting Engineering, A Reporter Is Under Investigation for Using the ‘View Source’ Function on a Website: … the reporter […]
  • Email – One Channel to Rule Them All
    I’ve been doing a number of things during the last week of 2021 to get ready for 2022, and I really enjoyed and highly recommend the post by Chris Lema, Planning Your Next Year Right. He dives into what I also feel is an important topic, motivations. A lot of […]
  • Open Source in 2021
    Reflections on 2021 can cover an almost infinite number of topics, but I have to say that open source software has gone through some monumental shifts. As I see it, there are three distinct aspects that we should all be recognizing so that we have greater context in 2022. Community […]
  • Starboard Boards the GoDaddy Ship with $800 Million
    Reprinted in a bunch of places, but originally from the Wall Street Journal, Starboard Takes 6.5% Stake Worth Around $800 Million in GoDaddy: Activist investor Starboard Value LP has a sizable stake in GoDaddy Inc. and plans to push the domain registrar to boost its performance. Starboard controls a roughly […]
  • My #BFCM List
    These are tools and applications that I actually use! Cloudways GoWP Human Presence Krisp.ai ManyCam Termageddon
  • The LearnDash Acquisition Roundup
    Following up on the big news that StellarWP acquired LearnDash. There are a ton of posts from all involved, and even though it’s been a week or so (CaboPress consumed a ton of time), I think it’s worthwhile to track these thoughts. By joining Liquid Web, LearnDash becomes part of […]
  • Sinch Acquires Pathwire
    Not super breaking but super important since we all communicate via email and text message, especially for marketing. Now we’re getting a huge SMS company, Sinch, acquiring a critical component in the digital marketing economy, Pathwire. Courtesy of Bridget Willard, Diego Mendoza-Moyers writes San Antonio technology firm acquired for $1.9 […]
  • CaboPress Breaks the WordPress Event Mold
    I just returned from CaboPress and it is unlike any WordPress conference, period. I almost feel like that’s all the should be said, go to the site, read up on it, and you’ll understand. In short it’s a business conference created by the highly respected writer, speaker, and business coach, […]
  • Breaking: StellarWP (LiquidWeb) Acquires LearnDash
    Huge acquisition of LearnDash by StellarWP announced today! The press release gives a bit of color to the announcement: The acquisition marks StellarWP’s entrance into the booming LMS space. As the global pandemic continues to drive educators to virtual learning solutions, the LMS market is projected to grow by more […]
  • How To In-Person?
    When was the last time you were at a conference with 200+ attendees? For me it’s been a while, and I was doing it multiple times a month at one point. Let’s pretend you are past all the potential Covid anxiety issues. I wasn’t but a few things made me […]
  • Breaking: Newfold Digital Acquires Yoast
    Boom! That was the sound of millions of websites wondering what it means to have their Yoast services being run by Bluehost, I mean HostGator, I mean Endurance, I mean Web.com, darn it … Newfold Digital! There we go. In tweets and blog posts by cofounders Marieke van de Rakt […]
  • WordCamp Europe 2021 a Success
    We just completed three days of good old WordCamp Europe, and for a virtual conference I have to give it a full five out five stars. The sessions were great, the platform, Hublio, is really a pleasure to navigate. I was able to run through quickly, easily, message, and meet […]
  • #MorningCoffee: Money, Money, and People
    Just a friendly reminder, WordCamp Europe 2021 is in full swing, get thyself to a session or two. Today, it’s definitely a “movers and shakers” kind of day. Your news is global news! Working on something? Something you heard or saw, send me an email. And tell your friends to sign […]
  • 500 Billion Dollars
    That is an amazingly huge amount of money, and what is referring to? WordPress! From BusinessWire, WordPress Economy Drives More Than Half a Trillion in Revenue, New Global Study Shows: “To put the global WordPress economy in context, if WordPress were a country, its economy would rank 39th in the […]
  • Ecwid Acquired by Lightspeed
    This is big news. Ecwid has gone from a simple payment gateway to a mini-Shopify to, I assume, a direct competitor to Shopify with the weight and financing of Lightspeed. Lightspeed will gain a foothold in a new and growing market segment. Of course we need to get some details […]
  • Mike Demo Joins Codeable
    Those in the open source communities of WordPress and Joomla have known Mike Demopoulos for many years (as Mike Demo or Demo or 🌈👾🎢⚽ – isn’t one name enough 😉) and for the last five year specifically he has spent his work days at InMotion Hosting. Announced yesterday, Mike has […]

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