• Links of the Week
    Cloud7: Hostinger launches Patchstack WordPress Security Omnisend: The 6 Best List-Building Tools for 2021 WP Tavern: Full Site Editing Is Partly a ‘Go’ for WordPress 5.8 Bottle Rocket Media: 4 Projects Solopreneurs Shouldn’t Have to Take on Solo
  • HostPapa Acquires Silicon Valley Web Hosting
    Just because it’s been a bit quiet for HostPapa in the first quarter, don’t think the HostPapa Acquisition Spree is ending. Today we have Silicon Valley Web Hosting as the target. From the obligatory press release: “HostPapa Inc., a leading Canadian web hosting and cloud service provider for small and […]
  • CloudFest 2021 Recap Mashup
    CloudFest 2021 was held March 23 – 25 online. Was going to do my own post conference review but I just didn’t have as much time to fully appreciate it that would warrant a recap. Luckily we have three other recaps from which we can pull. What is CloudFest? CloudFest […]
  • Wix vs. WordPress, The Final Word
    If you’re not into watching the WordPress community chatter like a hawk, you might have missed it, but earlier this month something odd starting happening. Queue the music. Background Wix started sending mysterious packages to known names in the community. The secret package contained some fancy Bose headphones and a […]
  • Free Software Foundation (FSF) Continues Crisis
    Talk about adding insult to injury, FSF doubles down on RMS, ostracizing future open source leaders and thinkers. Period. We all need that Don Quixote who tilts at windmills, but not the one who rides back into town and throws a torch into your house. It’s ok for leaders of […]
  • Everything is AAS
    There’s a new AAS (as a service) in town. What, another acronym service? Why another acronym service? Actually, it’s Website as a Service (WaaS). Is this some new Elon Musk created future tech? The truth is much much less exciting. It’s an acronym wrapped around stuff that we’ve been using […]
  • Links of the Week
    BBC: Remote working: Is Big Tech going off work from home? Kim Doyal: Pricing & Side Hustles WP Tavern: Yes Comments Are Still Relevant But We Need a Better System Cloud7: Web hosting services market to reach $183.05B by 2027
  • GoDaddy Adds To TLD Portfolio
    Yes it’s an acronym in the title but otherwise it would be way too long, Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the end of any website address. We all know .com, .net, and .org from the beginning of the internet but now you can choose from a plethora of TLDs, which […]
  • Facebook and Instagram Were Down
    16:42 CDT – Facebook and Instagram are reporting error pages. Universe briefly flirts with maximum entropy. 16:44 CDT – Chaos is restored.
  • HeroPress Adopts Hallway Chats
    This isn’t an acquisition per se but it is news for the WordPress community, from HeroPress, Hallway Chats Joins The HeroPress Family: “We were considering a podcast, but had moved it down the build list. Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey, while loving the work they’ve done with Hallway Chats, found life was moving […]
  • GoDaddy Acquires .Club
    Another GoDaddy acquisition is in the books, from OnlineDomain, GoDaddy is acquiring the .Club domain extension: “Just weeks away from the 7th anniversary of the .Club launch, we are excited to announce that GoDaddy Registry is acquiring the .Club domain extension. This means, once the deal closes, the .Club extension will have a new home. Our team is infinitely grateful for the opportunity that allowed us to participate in this historical time […]
  • GoDaddy Acquires re:amaze
    Another day, another acquisition, 2021 continues to be on an acquisition pace across the board that I have not yet seen. To be honest, I had not heard of re:amaze before the announcement, but also to be honest, there are ton of chatbots out there today that look to solve […]
  • GoDaddy Pro Expand 2021
    With the relaunch of GoDaddy Pro as a separate sub-brand of GoDaddy and The Hub, I knew there were going to be some great things coming from the team. We have our first big thing, GoDaddy Pro will be launching their first Expand event April 27 – 28. What I […]
  • iThemes Acquires Kadence WP
    Well this is an interesting acquisition, interesting in that it totally makes sense, even more so since the WordPress themes part of iThemes has been, uh, quiet for quite some time. From the announcement, Kadence WP is Joining the iThemes Family!: “It’s no secret that the “themes” part of iThemes […]
  • Elementor’s PayPal Button
    Lost in March Madness was the launch of Elementor’s PayPal button, PR Newswire, Elementor Launches PayPal Button Widget to Boost E-commerce Capabilities for Businesses Moving Online: “This new widget widens customer bases to those who are less comfortable sharing credit card details online, simplifying payment collection with one of the […]
  • Links of the Week
    JAMstacked: Tons of JAMstack stuff WP Tavern: FSF Doubles Down on Stallman Reinstatement open collective: Funds for Open Source Mike Demo: The y.at Auction Stream Torque: Voting for Torque’s 2021 Plugin is Still Going!
  • Squarespace Acquires Tock
    On the heels of Squarespace getting $300 million in funding (with a $10 billion valuation), Squarespace acquired Tock. We know what Squarespace is but what is Tock? The describe themselves as such: “Reservations, pickup, delivery, contactless payments, and so much more. Tock is here to meet the ever-changing needs of […]
  • Sponsor of the Week: iThemes Security Pro
    You don’t need an intergalactic bounty hunter to fight bad guys. iThemes Security Pro will secure and protect your WordPress sites from the wretched hive of scum and villainy across the internet! Prevent hacks, security breaches, malware and more. This is the way.
  • WordPress in 10 Years
    I was recently invited to write some thoughts for Convesio’s new blog Speed at Scale on the future of WordPress, Introducing Our New Blog: Speed at Scale. First, there are a number of great thoughts in this piece from Bhanu Ahluwalia (CMO for Rank Math), Cate DeRosia (Chief Instigator HeroPress), […]
  • Site Upgrades are Difficult
    Over the weekend Feedly, the RSS aggregator tool for millions, had to perform a massive upgrade. Feedly announced on their blog and twitter that this would be occurring. Just shortly before the upgrade began, Feedly announced on Twitter, “Starting maintenance. The http://feedly.com and the Feedly mobile applications will be offline […]
  • SiteLock CIO, Neill Feather, Leaves Company
    Only adding to the report of SiteLock being acquired by Sectigo, Neill Feather, SiteLock CIO (had to fix this since LinkedIn has Neill in multiple positions, just using CIO for now) announced on Tuesday March 23 via LinkedIn that he was leaving SiteLock after 13 years, “As many of you […]
  • Links of the Week
    WordPress VIP: The 5 Agile CMS Trends Reshaping the Digital Landscape WP Tavern: Extendify Acquires Editor Plus, Improves Block Editing WP Engine: Understanding eCommerce Trends: Microservices Architecture GoWP: Why should you outsource the development of your WordPress.com website? Torque: WordPress Plugin Madness 2021
  • Squarespace at $10 Billion
    TechCrunch gets into the nitty gritty of who and how much, Squarespace raises $300M at a staggering $10B valuation: “The online website creation and hosting service — which has now expanded into e-commerce by hosting online stores — then raised another $40 million round in 2014. But it is perhaps […]
  • Weighty Web World
    I came across a post on CMS Wire Breakfast Bytes about reducing website weight for digital sustainability. This is admiral at all levels, not only does it make sense at an environmental level but it improved performance across the board (and likely readability, usability, and accessibility). I am not linking […]
  • The Best Calendar and Scheduler Combo
    This was inspired by two recent items. The first was a request for email and calendaring options at Post Status, and the second was an upsell email at Calendly. My needs are probably not very uncommon, especially for freelancers, independent consultants, and solopreneurs. Google Workspace First and foremost is my […]
  • Free Software Foundation (FSF) in Crisis
    I did not expect to see this come across the desk this week, let’s begin with a snippet from the official letter, An open letter to remove Richard M. Stallman from all leadership positions: “We are calling for the removal of the entire Board of the Free Software Foundation. These are […]
  • Sectigo Acquires SiteLock
    Finally! As of April 9, I have official public confirmation of the acquisition of SiteLock by Sectigo. I really can’t fathom the press rollout of this acquisition since it’s been weeks since rumors started and then followed by the Google cache press release. This notification actually comes via an email […]
  • WebPros Acquires NIXStats
    There isn’t actually a lot of detail out on the interwebs but NIXStats, a server performance and website uptime monitoring platform, has been acquired by WebPros. You can see them listed as part of the WebPros brands on their homepage. The WebPros family includes cPanel, plesk, WHMCS, SolusVM, and XOVI. […]
  • CloudFest 2021 Schedule
    CloudFest 2021 kicks off and it has so much to take advantage of across multiple timezones. Unlike Web Agency Summit, the CloudFest agenda is fully posted and available. Readers here may like to focus on certain sessions rather than others so I’m posting what I’d like to see given, as […]
  • Patchstack Launches Security Community
    Following up on my original post, WP Tavern today adds more details and color to Patchstack’s background and SaaS transition, WebARX Rebrands To Patchstack, Combines Services To Focus on WordPress Plugin and Theme Security: “In 2018, WebARX launched the first version of its security platform and grew to 3,000 users. […]

You don’t need an intergalactic bounty hunter to fight bad guys. iThemes Security Pro will secure and protect your WordPress sites from the wretched hive of scum and villainy across the internet! Prevent hacks, security breaches, malware and more. This is the way.

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