Ok, we have less than two weeks until the internet door busting shopping spectacle known as Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) unleashes. While many online stores are already ramping up with early deals, I certainly expect special SPECIALS on the traditional days. Are you ready for it? But first a public service announcement from yesterday you may have missed.

Getting Ready – Optimization

Supervisor.com and Scaleway cut to the chase, 5 tips to optimize your e-commerce traffic during Black Friday: “The paradox is that the more popular your online store or website becomes, the more likely it is to slow down or, worse, stop working altogether, ruining the user experience. It seems that websites always crash at the worst possible moment.”

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Getting Ready – Visibility

It’s never too late to work on visibility, and guess what, an optimal WordPress theme and optimizing images helps for not only visibility but also the performance aspect, WP Newsify, Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site Visibility: “

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