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  • The Static Site Question
    The slowly brewing movement to deploying flat/static sites is gaining steam. There are multiple angles, platforms, and high stakes investment in the movement. What is it? Who are the players? Where is going? In this overview I will try to tackle the high level topics and continue in the future with more in-depth analysis and discussion. A Little History Back in the day, pick a day 20 or so years ago, almost every site was static. By static I mean simple, pure html. There was no JavaScript, no CSS, if it wasn’t “hand coded” tags in a text editor of […]
  • HostPapa Acquisition Spree
    Announced today, HostPapa Acquires Canadian Based Web Hosting Company Korax Inc.: “HostPapa Inc., a leading Canadian web hosting and cloud service provider for small and medium businesses (SMBs), continues its growth strategy with the recent acquisition of Canadian based web hosting company Korax Inc.” What’s interesting is not this one specific acquisition but that since September 2019, HostPapa has acquired independently or as part of portfolio acquisitions, none (9!) other hosting companies for a solid ten brands coming under the HostPapa umbrella. I wonder if/when WordPress plugin, theme, or SaaS will be acquired or developed internally. Acquisition Timeline September 11, […]
  • Morning Coffee: Good Stuff
    Yes mom always said “stuff” is not a word, and I’ve passed on that mantra to my daughter, however there is a potpourri of good stuff to talk about. First, there will be an exciting interview coming out next week, for those who are subscribed to Pot of Coffee, you’ll get to see it first in the weekend’s newsletter. Second, very happy to let everyone know that friend of Morning Coffee, Bridget Willard very recently released a paperback and ebook, Keys to Being Social: Being Real in a Virtual World: “When it comes to marketing online, if your mindset is […]
  • Morning Coffee: WordPress Business Happenings
    Today’s lead goes to an article from September 28, courtesy of Bloomberg, Endurance International Group Revives Possible Sale Talks: “The web-hosting company is working with an adviser on options, the people said, asking not to be identified as the matter is private. No final decisions have been made and Endurance may choose to remain a public company, according to the people.” If you don’t know Endurance International Group (EIG), you should, they own one of the largest WordPress hosting companies in the world, Bluehost, as well as HostGator. Wikipedia has a list of acquisitions you can review. How would this […]

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A Weekly Roundup

  • Assorted Links
    Sometimes there is just too much content to comment on appropriately so here we have some assorted links that are worth reviewing. The Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Control Panels, “Before web hosting control panels, […]
  • Morning Coffee: Two Weeks
    A little Public Service Announcement, I am very cognizant of keeping this site as apolitical as possible but just like the world is round, 1 + 1 = 2, and rain is wet; voting should […]
  • Morning Coffee: Just Show Up
    The brilliant Kim Doyal must be channeling me, ok that’s not even close to reality but I do like to say #AlwaysBeThere. Kim has put together a piece and podcast on her thoughts for #JustShowUP, […]
  • Morning Coffee: Updates to Posts
    Looks like today will be a number of tweaks and updates to posts from the last week. First Inpsyde CIO, Robert Windisch (DE), drops in with a quick thought in JAMmed Up: “WordPress targets in […]
  • JAMmed Up
    Well the Jamstack Conference fireside chat happened. And it happened. There was no kicking or screaming but there is certainly a significant dichotomy in the main talking point. Monolithic vs decoupled. Matt Biilmann vs Matt […]
  • cPanel Pricing Redux
    It looks like 2021 will be 2019. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to skip 2020. A little history is required. Before we dive into the pricing discussion, for those that aren’t in the know, […]
  • Morning Coffee: Zoom Fatigue Fixes
    “Zoom Fatigue,” the all encompassing term for staring at your screen all day to engage with people, conference, webinars, etc. is taking a toll and accelerating burn out. Jason Nickerson over at cPanel writes, Dealing […]
  • Bill West: HumanPresence.io
    Continuing the SaaS interviews, it’s my pleasure to share an interview with Bill West, Chairman and CEO at Ellipsis Technologies, the company behind Human Presence. Human Presence describes itself as “a revolutionary approach to bot […]
  • Morning Coffee: Choices in Everything
    Election Day in the United States is exactly three weeks away. I recently came across ElectionDay.org and was curious if any of the WordPress ecosystem giants had signed on (non-embedded Google Doc link here). Well […]
  • Morning Coffee: Cloudflares Up
    Cloudflare has been on a roll over the last week, first with a privacy focused analytics platform and now WordPress focused optimization, from WP Tavern, Cloudflare Launches Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress: “The effects of […]

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