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  • All FLoCed Up aka CASHing Out
    I first published a few weeks ago on What the FLoC? and since then, major projects have pushed back against the CASH scheme. From TechRadar, GitHub is blocking FLoC: “In addition to disabling FLoC in GitHub Pages, GitHub’s main website also now uses this new HTTP header according to BleepingComputer. This means that the company doesn’t want its users to be added to Google’s cohorts when they visit its website.” Also reporting, “Although we’ve yet to hear from Google regarding whether or not its roll out of FLoC has been a success yet, so far Brave, Vivaldi, the EFF, DuckDuckGo […]
  • WordPress Announces Openverse Project
    This is both a pleasant surprise and awesome show of how a major open source project can extend the benefits of open source in new directions. Let’s go in a bit of chronological order. First we have Matt Mullenweg’s announcement on April 27, CC Search to join WordPress.org: “I am a long-time supporter of Creative Commons and their influential work on open content licenses, and when we heard they were considering shutting down their CC Search engine we immediately starting exploring ways we could keep it going. I am eager to give a new home to their open search product on WordPress.org […]
  • WooCommerce Invests in PeachPay
    More money flowing in the WordPress economy. Today we get the announcement in Business Insider (paywalled), PeachPay, a one-click checkout startup created by recent college grads, is looking to compete with red-hot startups Bolt and Fast as e-commerce booms: PeachPay, which launched in January, is one of the newest entrants offering one-click checkouts for merchants. The startup just inked a partnership with WooCommerce, the e-commerce provider for WordPress-powered sites. Both WooCommerce and WordPress are owned by parent company Automattic, which was last valued at $3 billion in 2019. WooCommerce is also investing in PeachPay, participating in its $1.5 million seed […]
  • Yats are the New Emoji
    Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole on my own journeys for what’s going on across the internet. Sometimes someone is persistent enough about a new technology or application that it bears research, time, and even spending some money. Similar to how the PSL story was brought to my attention, kudos go out to Mike Demopoulos for the heads up and his time to discuss Yats. I’ve known Mike from Joomla, WordPress, and a tiki bar or two. Let’s get right to Mike Demo, Lead Handshaker, Web Ventures and Yats. Mike’s not directly involved with Yats except that he’s been […]

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  • Kanban for WordPress Acquired
    Some not so breaking news, this was announced May 7, Under New Management: “As of today, Kanban for WordPress is under new management! The teams behind Alpha Particle and Flowspoke have come together to take […]
  • Reaction Moves from Marketing to Digital
    Ok, this is a guilty pleasure update about an agency I’ve personally known for a long time. They’re based out of Canada, and I met their CEO, Mike Szyszka, back in the Joomla days. I’ve […]
  • DigitalOcean’s Premium Droplets
    As you can imagine with the advent of cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc.) there has been a race for performance value. Digital Ocean (DO) is one of the more recognizable […]
  • Patchstack Ramping Up
    I’ve been really, pleasantly, surprised at what’s been going on with Patchstack since their acquisition of ThreatPress and rebrand from WebARX. To that end, they have ramped up their Red Team prize pool (note: not […]
  • Links of the Week
    Orbit Media Studios: What are Core Web Vitals? Cloud7: SiteGround stops signing up new clients in Kenya due to new local regulations Scaleway: Digital Europe needs to draw inspiration from the founders of ECSC WP […]
  • GoDaddy Goes Hub-Club-Home
    First time I’ve seen the new work model described as Hub-Club-Home, and I have to say I love the analogy. It’s really clear in my mind where an employee might be physically, and why. So […]
  • Links of the Week
    GoDaddy Pro: Expand 2021 Recap XWP: How Enterprise Tech Companies Invest in WordPress and Why cloud7: Contabo opened new data center in Singapore TechCrunch: ActiveCampaign raises $240M Cloudways: Million Tree Challenge
  • Links of the Week
    Dries Buytaert: Section 230: repeal reform or reprioritize? WP Tavern: Themes Set Up for a Paradigm Shift cloud7: Wix launches mobile app: Spaces by Wix Omnisend: How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Impacts Email Marketing
  • GravityView Acquires Gravity Forms Entries in Excel
    GravityView announced April 6 on their blog, Gravity Forms Entries in Excel, Brought to You By GravityView!: “We’re excited to announce that GravityView is now the proud home of the popular GF Entries in Excel plugin! […]
  • The Domain Privacy Battle
    This topic is very interesting and yet at the same time – at least to me – difficult to grasp. I’m hoping in my discussing this here, I’ll actually understand it better. Let’s get to […]

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