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  • Why WordPress is Preferred by Publishers
    So I think if you run a blog, you are a publisher, but XWP is targeting their latest post at the BIG publishers (ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.), 6 Reasons WordPress Is Preferred by Publishers: “WordPress still works best when it’s at its roots. Publishers and media companies alike flourish on WordPress. Why?” And so the article goes on to list the six reasons, and some are obvious. One always jumps out and and I really thing users of any open source content management system should be wary. Point three of the list talks about 57,000+ plugins and 8,000 themes, and […]
  • GTmetrix Adopts Lighthouse
    If it isn’t already, GTmetrix should be your go to for a quick performance review. It doesn’t test load but is great for getting that single user view of any issues that may be effecting performance as well as some timings. You really should do more, see The Art of WordPress load testing, where I discuss GTmetrix and solutions like Supervisor for the full monty of testing. The big update to GTmetrix means that PageSpeed/YSlow is no longer part of the equation when getting your performance score. Lighthouse is an open source tool developed by Google to more accurately reflect […]
  • Anatomy of a Technology Partnership
    What is a technology partnership? How is one created? What are the indicators of success? Why bother dissecting this topic, quite simply, smart and well executed technology partnerships – and I will focus on the WordPress platform and greater web ecosystem – can in the short term boost revenue, advance domain expertise, and create opportunities in new markets. What is a Technology Partnership? In the simplest of definitions: a technology partnership is an agreement between two technical vendors to share and/or integrate technologies for the benefit of their own customers or to create a greater solution that can appeal to […]
  • Joost Talks CMS Market Share
    Joost De Valk – his blog is pronounced Just De Talk (oh my goodness I’m kidding! but it would be fun, sorry Joost) – released CMS market share: November 2020 analysis: “This is my fourth biannual analysis of the CMS market share numbers provided by W3Techs. A lot has changed this year, in large part attributable to COVID-19. As I said in June, this has lasting effects, with WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify’s market shares steadily on the rise.” Good data and analysis by someone in the know. As the former president of Joomla (Open Source Matters, Inc.) – these shifts […]

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  • Assorted Links
    The post Black Friday, pre Cyber Monday, surviving the weekend, no 75% off, taking a breath and learning a little assorted links. Let’s do it! WordPress Themes for Consulting Business: “some of the most popular […]
  • A Slack Sale
    This is definitely not your typical Black Friday sale, that’s for sure. We actually have a couple of links to this, first courtesy of Bridget Willard, Fortune, Why Salesforce Wants to Slurp Up Slack: “The […]
  • Yes We Have 2020 #BFCM
    This a fun set of Black Friday deals, why, because I literally use and pay for every one of these services, so this isn’t some magical best list but actually used by me list. Some […]
  • Sponsor of the Week: FLATsite
    Static sites are quickly evolving as the new trend to secure WordPress sites for many companies. FLATsite is one of the platforms spearheading this trend. It’s your all-in-one WordPress tool with enhanced security, ultra-fast site […]
  • Section 230 and Hosting
    The politics side of the universe has been debating the infamous section 230 of the Communication Decency Act for the last three to six month to some degree. No one seems happy with what §230 […]
  • Thank You 2020
    It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, personal and professional goals, plans, and expectations were completely thrown off the rails in March. Rearchitecting what could be done and what might work took a lot of […]
  • WordCamp Mexico 2020 Kicks Off
    I’m really excited for the last WordCamp of 2020 – unless there is something sneaky happening – maybe a State of the Word? Now if your Spanish is as good as mine (which it isn’t), […]
  • Morning Coffee: Hard Week for Hosts
    Today is for covering a hard week for a couple of hosts. The industry is hard enough but honestly these issues are a little different than the usual DNS attacks (which still are non-stop and […]
  • Open Source Directories
    All of the large open source projects out there have great directories for extensions, plugins, service providers, and events. I thought I’d put together a growing list. Short and sweet for the moment. It will […]
  • Morning Coffee: Ecommerce Email & Donuts
    Email and donuts, what could be better. Significant partnerships and acquisitions in email marketing space are shaping up for some of the largest hosting companies. Donuts acquires as well. The WooCommerce Email World Back in […]