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Blue Isn’t Bad

The sky is falling! Actually I guess it's Twitter Blue Checkmarks that are falling but if a tree falls in the woods and no hears it, did it really fall? Can something purely digital be impacted by gravity? Are these really the fights we need to be having about social media? Quill Forms: A Free […]
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Open for Business

This isn’t going to be a recap, summary, or slideshow of CloudFest, but there were over 6,000 attendees … so for those CloudFest recaps, summaries, etc. check out some of the links below: Quill Forms: A Free Typeform Alternative Built for WordPress! cPanel, CloudFest 2023 Open-Xchange, Another great CloudFest has passed… Zone Media, CloudFest 2023 […]
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Networking with a Co-Pilot

With the biggest non-WordCamp WordPress event in just a few days, many folks who are new to the extra large conference experience are asking a lot of questions. The obvious tips, which apply to any size conference, still hold. Plan and schedule in advance, hydrate, and then really hydrate, get sleep, enjoy the parties – […]
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Own Your Automations

What causes you to reevaluate your infrastructure, services, or SaaS providers? In the Sandler Sales Methodology, one of the key tools is digging for, understanding, and solving for pain points. Sorry Zapier, you've become one. And that's too bad, but not only have I solved for a specific issue, I've reaffirmed a core professional tenant. […]
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Do You Really Still Have a Job?

It's going one heck of a year (or more) for layoffs. Starting in 2022 Q4, we've seen the big, and even bigger firms, show huge swathes of staff out of the metaphorical door. Remote work has made it much easier just to send that email out and cut access. For those that are employed, well […]
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