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  • CaboPress Breaks the WordPress Event Mold
    I just returned from CaboPress and it is unlike any WordPress conference, period. I almost feel like that’s all the should be said, go to the site, read up on it, and you’ll understand. In short it’s a business conference created by the highly respected writer, speaker, and business coach, Chris Lema. It’s also much more than the sum of its respective parts: location, sessions, and networking. Cabo San Lucas and Pools You can’t talk about CaboPress without referencing the Cabo part, Cabo San Lucas. The hotel sits along the coast, with all the sun you can imagine. Yes, it’s […]
  • Breaking: StellarWP (LiquidWeb) Acquires LearnDash
    Huge acquisition of LearnDash by StellarWP announced today! The press release gives a bit of color to the announcement: The acquisition marks StellarWPโ€™s entrance into the booming LMS space. As the global pandemic continues to drive educators to virtual learning solutions, the LMS market is projected to grow by more than $30 billion between now and 2028, according to some projections.  What’s not mentioned in the PR is that Chris Lema will be taking the role of GM in this acquisition. Congrats to all involved!
  • Breaking: Newfold Digital Acquires Yoast
    Boom! That was the sound of millions of websites wondering what it means to have their Yoast services being run by Bluehost, I mean HostGator, I mean Endurance, I mean Web.com, darn it … Newfold Digital! There we go. In tweets and blog posts by cofounders Marieke van de Rakt and Joost de Valk, we get each person’s perspective. That’s all we know at the moment but I’m sure there will much follow up from other news sources as well as here. Stay tuned! According to the press release: “We’re excited to join Newfold Digital to continue our mission of […]
  • 500 Billion Dollars
    That is an amazingly huge amount of money, and what is referring to? WordPress! From BusinessWire, WordPress Economy Drives More Than Half a Trillion in Revenue, New Global Study Shows: “To put the global WordPress economy in context, if WordPress were a country, its economy would rank 39th in the world according to an IMF list of countries by GDP. The estimated 2021 economy facilitated by WordPress is comparable to that generated by the Apple App Store at $643B, and if it were equivalent to the market cap of a company it would come in at no. 10 on the […]

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  • My #BFCM List
    These are tools and applications that I actually use! Cloudways GoWP Human Presence Krisp.ai ManyCam Termageddon
  • The LearnDash Acquisition Roundup
    Following up on the big news that StellarWP acquired LearnDash. There are a ton of posts from all involved, and even though it’s been a week or so (CaboPress consumed a ton of time), I […]
  • Sinch Acquires Pathwire
    Not super breaking but super important since we all communicate via email and text message, especially for marketing. Now we’re getting a huge SMS company, Sinch, acquiring a critical component in the digital marketing economy, […]
  • How To In-Person?
    When was the last time you were at a conference with 200+ attendees? For me itโ€™s been a while, and I was doing it multiple times a month at one point. Letโ€™s pretend you are […]
  • WordCamp Europe 2021 a Success
    We just completed three days of good old WordCamp Europe, and for a virtual conference I have to give it a full five out five stars. The sessions were great, the platform, Hublio, is really […]
  • #MorningCoffee: Money, Money, and People
    Just a friendly reminder, WordCamp Europe 2021 is in full swing, get thyself to a session or two. Today, it’s definitely a “movers and shakers” kind of day. Your news is global news! Working on […]
  • Mike Demo Joins Codeable
    Those in the open source communities of WordPress and Joomla have known Mike Demopoulos for many years (as Mike Demo or Demo or ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ‘พ๐ŸŽขโšฝ โ€“ isn’t one name enough ๐Ÿ˜‰) and for the last five […]
  • #MorningCoffee: The Restart
    So the month of May was very haphazard and I sincerely apologize to the many loyal readers who kept asking for the next newsletter. Trying to do two full time jobs at once is, ha!, […]
  • Cloudways and Patchstack
    There have been a ton of announcements regarding acquisitions, partnerships, and more. I thought I’d pick this one up for two reasons, one and a disclosure, I am the Director of WordPress at Cloudways, and […]
  • WordCamp Europe 2021 Underway
    Short and sweet, #WCEU is underway through June 9. The virtual platform selected is really easy to navigate and friendlier then some I’ve seen over the last year. The best part, is that sessions are […]

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