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  • WordFest, it’s around the corner!
    As a media partner for WordFest, it is my great pleasure to let you know what WordFest, the festival of WordPress, is all about, and that it’s starting next Thursday/Friday (depends on your timezone!). Let me get this giant pet peeve out in the open, every time I see the title of the event I get instant trauma from watching football players announce their alma maters by over emphasizing THE, especially where is doesn’t belong, sorry it’s Ohio State University not THE Ohio State University. I get strange looks from my wife when I complain about these things. I’m used […]
  • The Benefactor Dilemma
    In every open source project, at some point, the Benefactor Dilemma will occur. This dilemma can take shape in two forms. Either an open source project has a benefactor, or it doesn’t. First, I think it is important to recognize the lifecycle of an open source project. The largest open source project (by utilization) is some flavor or another of GNU/Linux. Period. We can argue about specific distributions and different open source licenses but Linux (which I will use generically) powers phones, desktops, servers, automobiles, tablets, tvs, smart speakers, etc. etc. etc. It is literally the fertile soil that has […]
  • Who is Big Orange Heart?
    One year ago I would have had no idea who WP&UP was, or that they changed their name to Big Orange Heart (BOH) in April of 2020. March and April were certainly uncertain times in 2020. I actually first discovered Big Orange Heart attending a virtual WordPress London meetup where BOH is the main organizer. I had really enjoyed WordCamp London 2019 and in my hunt for virtual events I came across this meetup. Human Connections A number of things struck me from the start. First, they had created their own platform, and over the last year have really made […]
  • WooCommerce 2021, Ready to Explode
    It’s been defrosting, marinating, percolating, however you want to describe the slow burn of WooCommerce over the last year, I believe that 2021 will be a breakout year for WooCommerce as a platform to start competing at a much greater level with Shopify, and BigCommerce. This will be propelled by Automattic providing greater tools and integrations with plugin providers which are already familiar to many WordPress agencies and developers. In November 2019, Automattic partnered with Stripe to offer subscriptions options for WordPress.com, TechCrunch, WordPress.com sites can now accept subscriptions with new ‘Recurring Payments’ feature: “The subscription model is today sustaining […]

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  • PressNomics 7 “Announced”
    Short and sweet, a tweet: Okay, here me out. PressNomics 7 working title: “Welcome Back World”Scheduled and plentiful social events – an open mic “conference” program.Proof of vaccine required for booking.Late summer?Thankfully it’s late at […]
  • Hosting Virtual Events with WordPress Virtual Event Organizer Jan Koch, a Podcast
    Another favorite of my listened to podcasts from The Podcast List, Press This Podcast with David Vogelpohl, interviews WordPress Virtual Event Organizer Jan Koch. Again love the full transcription. Regarding at least one of the […]
  • Do the Woo Chats with WordFest Organizers, a Podcast
    I love Do the Woo podcasts since they always provide great content but also a transcript, I’m a reader, and we have a good one about WordFest, WooCommerce, and community, Do the Woo Chats with […]
  • Deep Diving into WordPress, a Podcast
    Yours truly on the CloudTweaks podcast Deep Diving into WordPress. WordPress. For a lot of people this name might initially conjure up a place for amateur bloggers, almost a hobbyist site. But nothing could be […]
  • Celebrate Often
    I received an email from Graham Venning of Desert Wing that not only was very generous but really brought to focus something that we forget often. Little wins matter. There was a large and very […]
  • WordCamps Are Back Again?
    Well not quite today, or even tomorrow, or likely even this year, but meetups may actually have an opportunity in the near future to get people in the same room. Over at WordPress.org, Proposal: Decision […]
  • Hopin Acquires StreamYard
    If you’ve been attending virtual events you have most likely used Hopin at some point in the last year, or even prior to the pandemic. Jamstack Conf was one of the conferences I attended in […]
  • Liquid Web Acquires The Events Calendar
    Liquid Web will be the first of the year to kickoff numerous acquisitions in the hosting economy. Lots of these have been held over because of the holidays, legal, tax, etc. reasons to expect a […]
  • Automattic Steps Into the Ecosystem
    Over the last two months, Automattic’s WordPress.com has taken some interesting steps into the greater open source WordPress economy. First, back in November 2020 (but not even discovered until December 2020) was the soft launch […]
  • Hindsight is 2020: October – December
    Glad you made it to the final quarter review! Hindsight is 2020: January – March kicked us off and followed with April through June and July through September. Let’s look at the final quarter of […]