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  • Drupal 9 is launching today (…finally)
    So, tongue in cheek with the “finally,” I expected to be able download D9 when I woke up this morning but had to wait. […]
  • Mental health support for remote workers
    Big Orange Heart (formerly WPandUP) is a charity and resource that’s needed more than ever these days. The post title says it all, they […]
  • Big Time Joomla
    Joomla kicked off the summer with style and substance. There are a lot of kudos to go around but the J and Beyond team […]
  • Maybe You Read This, Maybe You Don’t
    I’ve been reluctant to comment on the state of the country for lots of reasons but I’m very glad Chris Lema did – and […]
  • 24 Hours of Joomla
    I less than seven hours (7:00PM CDT) we are about to see an amazing Joomla conference. JandBeyond 2020 is putting together a non-stop 24 […]


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