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Robert Jacobi ran 3.5% of the internet.

Robert Jacobi ran 3.5% of the internet. Recently, as Director of WordPress at Cloudways, he was a critical component of the $350 million acquisition of Cloudways by DigitalOcean. Today Robert returns to his industry analysis and commentary at

With two successful acquisitions and over 20 years experience as an open source executive, entrepreneur, and evangelist, Robert works with startups to Fortune 500 companies as a Global Strategist and Solution Ambassador to increase revenue and market awareness.

Robert is an international, well known, and respected speaker and contributor in the open source and hosting communities especially as President Emeritus of Joomla, member of Make WordPress Hosting, and contributor to ICANN At-Large.

Robert served as Executive Vice President at Perfect Dashboard, partnering with major web hosting providers to enable website owners automated updating for security and performance. Perfect Dashboard was acquired by WP Engine in 2020. Robert founded Arc Technology Group in 2000, the lead Joomla consultancy in North America for over 15 years. Arc’s clients included Fortune 500 firms, Microsoft, Abbott Laboratories, and Eli Lilly.

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