About Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi is an open source developer, evangelist, entrepreneur, and executive. He is a global speaker for open source solutions, SaaS, and hosting at numerous events including CloudFest, WordCamps, WordCamp Cafe, Joomla World Conference, and Joomla Days.

Robert provides Ambassador and Strategy services for businesses looking to reach out to new and existing customers:

  • Consistent in-person outreach
  • Brand/solution/product outreach at events
  • Ongoing social and online outreach via trusted source
  • Eliminate travel planning and budget uncertainty

Robert served as Executive Vice President, for Perfect Dashboard, partnering with major web hosting providers to enable website owners automated updating for security and performance. Robert founded Arc Technology Group in 2000 becoming the lead Joomla consultancy in North America. Arc’s clients include Fortune 500 firms, Microsoft, Abbott Laboratories, and Eli Lilly.

Robert is currently President Emeritus of the open source project Joomla serving as President from 2017 – 2018, contributor to the Make WordPress Hosting team, and ICANN at-large member. Previous, and Chair for the Technical Outreach Working Group of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition.

Contact Robert via form, email, or @robertjacobi.