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Joost Talks CMS Market Share

Joost De Valk – his blog is pronounced Just De Talk (oh my goodness I’m kidding! but it would be fun, sorry Joost) – released CMS market share: November 2020 analysis: “This is my fourth biannual analysis of the CMS market share numbers provided by W3Techs. A lot has changed this year, in large part attributable to COVID-19. As I said in June, this has lasting effects, with WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify’s market shares steadily on the rise.” Good data and analysis by someone in the know.

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As the former president of Joomla (Open Source Matters, Inc.) – these shifts are not just about lasting effects from Covid but the first nails in the coffins of Joomla and WordPress. I oversaw the project when Joomla was running 6.9% of all W3Techs sites with a known CMS and 3.3% of all websites. Today, in three years, Joomla is half the reach. There are two hugely contributing factors, first, the two years after my tenure were a community disaster, anyone who says anything else is wrong. Deadlines never materialized, politics and personalities running roughshod over market focus, and just a mess. That can be overlooked or forgotten if you are on a positive trajectory but now we get to factor two. Momentum is king! It brings excitement, capital, growth, everything.

An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by another (better) solution. WordPress and Shopify are arguably the best solutions for the most people today. End Scene.

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