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Why WordPress is Preferred by Publishers

So I think if you run a blog, you are a publisher, but XWP is targeting their latest post at the BIG publishers (ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.), 6 Reasons WordPress Is Preferred by Publishers: “WordPress still works best when it’s at its roots. Publishers and media companies alike flourish on WordPress. Why?” And so the article goes on to list the six reasons, and some are obvious. One always jumps out and and I really thing users of any open source content management system should be wary. Point three of the list talks about 57,000+ plugins and 8,000 themes, and how that’s a great for customization.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Hogwash. That’s a mess of tools that only make more WordPress sites vulnerable to hacking and poor performance. I would make a rough guess that only 1% of plugins and 10% of themes are safe and performant. I’m probably being generous with those numbers. That’s not to say at all that there aren’t great and dedicated developers putting these tools together however it becomes difficult to maintain and support both backwards and forwards across WordPress versions if you are a company of one – which many open source providers are. In fact you don’t have to read between the lines at all to see that I recommend full agencies for development but more importantly the selection of tools that will be utilized in your site.

I guess there is a point two that should be mentioned. XWP talks about “Host with the Most” but there are actually doing disservice to some very unique hosts on the more traditional managed WordPress hosting side as well as static site generators:

  1. FLATsite
  2. Convesio
  3. LiquidWeb
  4. Strattic
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