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i2Coalition and The Domain Name Association Merge to Create North America’s Largest Internet Infrastructure Advocacy Group

Great news for two very important infrastructure organizations. I was able to catch up with Christian Dawson, Co-Founder of the i2Coalition, for a quick exclusive to ask what this means for end users, agencies, and site owners.

Companies join trade associations to deal with issues on which they can achieve more together than they are able to achieve apart. This merger lets the companies in our membership do right by their customers when it comes to collaborating on a safer, secure, and resilient Internet; and when it comes to dealing with big issues like consumer privacy and encryption. This merger also gives us an even bigger voice to fight for an Internet industry that stays focused on maintaining a competitive, innovation-driven environments where small businesses can flourish. There are lots of areas of positive impact that we are now able to better achieve results for our users, now that we have greater strength in numbers.

Christian Dawson

Head over to i2Coalition for the announcement.

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