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Morning Coffee for Ecommerce: Flash Drive

Flash drive

The drive to getting ecommerce more personal, more useful, more relevant is in full swing. TechCrunch is calling it flash digital transformation and though the article is a bit dated (in Covid time, yes it’s from April), I think we are still hurtling through this new intense push to make the virtual less virtual. We all want to feel as if we are having a conversation with people not machines at the end of the day. Dries Buytaert of Drupal and Acquia hammers home the tl;dr: “It’s been impressive to see how resilient organizations and people have been at adapting so rapidly. This adaptation has been essential to business survival. Fortunately, the changes made under pressure could be the key to succeeding as more of the world becomes permanently digital, enabling the kinds of digital transformations that organizations have been yearning for for years.”

Mode to nowhere

From the great Marker, a subheading to take seriously, Business leaders ready to return to normal are operating with a losing strategy that could put them out of business. I think companies are adapting surprisingly well if their markets allow for it and the article makes a great point right away about recording the pandemic processes you adopted: “This will involve expanding beyond your usual points of contact and talking to people throughout your organization. Focus on how you were able to leverage existing processes for repeatable success. For instance, was there a product line you modified quickly to deliver something new? Taking stock will help you see clearly the makeup of your innovation pipeline and where there are gaps to address.”


Ecommerce SEO often feels like hopping from one new Google rule to another, let’s welcome Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) into our alphabet soup, not that expanded acronym actually helps me understand what it is. Omnisend looks at what BERT and User Intent mean for you. Also it’s complicated: “While most Google updates come with a set of tactics that merchants can employ to help raise their rankings in the SERPs, Google has openly acknowledged that no such strategies exist for BERT.”

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