Some not so breaking news, this was announced May 7, Under New Management: “As of today, Kanban for WordPress is under new management! The teams behind Alpha Particle and Flowspoke have come together to take over Kanban for WordPress and take it through the rest of 2021 and beyond.”

This is sweet and simple, load WordPress sites in as fast as 37ms with Cloudways!

It’s simple and sweet and maybe doesn’t get on everyone’s radar but what I like about this acquisition is its niche nature and potential.

I’m seeing a lot of energy around WordPress tools to help freelancers and agencies to manage projects, clients, etc. The largest examples include MainWP and GoDaddy Pro Hub. As WordPress gets more and more democratized, the idea of WordPress as being central will fall into the background – not in utilization but more and more as an expected platform to be used, for a bad example, think Microsoft Windows or Linux. Those pieces are less relevant and the WordPress “application and services” layers becomes the selling point.

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