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Morning Coffee for Open Source: Hello World

Even though the usual conference season for the rest of 2020 is well, not. There are some highlights coming up and actually the lack of an almost weekly event is a bit of relief given the Zoom fatigue that has permeated especially the tech industry.

Land of 10,000 Makes

Very excited for today’s WordCamp Minneapolis (and after typing the city name out so often recently, I can actually spell it without the help of spellcheck)! You can still register, and it’s a fully loaded day – I’m considering it the start of the fall conference season so get thee to the campery.

Hello World, 15 Times

This week Joomla celebrated 15 years of being one of the largest and most important open source projects. Though usage compared to WordPress is significantly smaller, it’s still the second largest open source CMS in use, powering millions of sites. Check out the August issue of Joomla Magazine and related articles.


“Last month the WordPress Documentation Team announced a ban on links to commercial websites within the official docs. These include the HelpHubCode ReferencePlugin and Theme Developer Handbooks, Block Editor Handbook, and the Common APIs Handbook. The reason behind the ban was that heavily policing commercial links placed too much responsibility on the documentation team, when they are already working with limited time and resources.” WP Tavern: WordPress Documentation Team Discusses Modifying External Linking Policy Following Opposition to the Ban on Commercial Links.

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