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Club Jacobi, One Night Only

So it’s my birthday, not today, but close enough, and it is a Saturday. I’ve certainly been missing going out and having fun with friends. What to do … what to do …

Lo and behold! Jason Nickerson has come to the rescue and set up a Twitch birthday! From 5-7pm CT, join in with VJ Hural Knight for two hours of 80’s, Wax Trax, and random tracks thrown in. I was informed that there should be a disclaimer since some videos may not be Rated G – but I’m guessing because we are talking 80’s and Wax Trax.


Two more things, first don’t forget to tip your DJ using Venmo (@Hural-Knight). Second, in lieu of buying birthday shots, cocktails, dinners, etc. I would really love it if we could all support Big Orange Heart with a donation. They help support mental well-being for so many people, especially during COVID. Every dollar counts.

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