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Multicollab Leaves Beta with v1.1

Anil Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder at Multidots (a WordPress VIP Agency Partener), reached out recently to let me know that the more stable version of Multicollab – Google Doc-Style Editorial Commenting for WordPress, or just Multicollab because the rest is a mouthful, is out. I remember briefly hearing about it at WP Tavern at the end of 2020. As far as I know this is the first submitted plugin to the repository by Multidots. I do have to say it works as advertised, which is pretty cool. It’s really simple so feel free to evaluate on your own.

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Where did Multicollab come from and where is it going? Anil Gupta takes us on the small journey, “Team collaboration is one of the missing pieces in WordPress [for] enterprises and content publishers. WordPress has [a] “Collaboration” feature in Phase 3/4 of Gutenberg long term roadmap  This solution can be a foundation for the future roadmap and patch for the present needs. One of our clients asked for this and we couldn’t find a working solution hence we made a decision to build it.” Regarding current uses, he mentions that “one of the biggest broadcasting show organizer’s, NAB, is using Multicollab for content collaboration for their conference proceedings.

As for the future, there a number of goals, such as integration with services like Zapier and more immediate functionality:

  • REST API/GraphQL support for integration with other systems
  • Reports and widgets for efficient and easy collaboration with teams
  • Attach files/images in comments
  • Define teams and mention teams in comments
  • Extend the support to non-text blocks (image, video etc)

All in all, it looks like this is going to be a growing plugin, and I’m looking forward to where Multidots takes Multicollab.

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