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How to Virtual WordCamp Europe

We are full speed at WordCamp Europe today and tomorrow and that now with a few hours of experiencing it I thought I would share some best practices to having the best experience possible.

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Attack the Schedule with Precision

Most of the sessions seem to be live but are also being recorded so if you want to interact with specific speakers in the live chat and then post meeting choose wisely. The rest of the sessions you can always catch up on.

Be Camera Ready

There are a ton of Zoom opportunities all over the conference. Seriously take a little time to look like you are at the conference. You’ll stand out in the crowd. Also be careful of taxing your hardware and network, so make sure that running your favorite Zoom background isn’t bogging down the experience. There are a lot of people zooming in so expect more CPU utilization across the board when there are 20+ people in a Zoom. Don’t forget you can use your iPhone as a professional webcam.

Sponsor Booths are Perfect Networking Opportunities

There are a ton of sponsors and each have their own Zoom room. Get in there and say hi, you’re not likely to get a hard pitch since people are just trying to connect. The sponsors are providing break out rooms and private Zooms for the serious one-on-one conversations. Just ask them.

Have great time at WordCamp Europe!

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