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#MorningCoffee: Money, Money, and People

Just a friendly reminder, WordCamp Europe 2021 is in full swing, get thyself to a session or two.

Today, it’s definitely a “movers and shakers” kind of day.

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500 Billion Dollars

That is an amazingly huge amount of money, and what is referring to? WordPress! From BusinessWire, WordPress Economy Drives More Than Half a Trillion in Revenue, New Global Study Shows: “To put the global WordPress economy in context, if WordPress were a country, its economy would rank 39th in the world according to an IMF list of countries by GDP. The estimated 2021 economy facilitated by WordPress …

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Ecwid Acquired by Lightspeed

This is big news. Ecwid has gone from a simple payment gateway to a mini-Shopify to, I assume, a direct competitor to Shopify with the weight and financing of Lightspeed. Lightspeed will gain a foothold in a new and growing market segment. Of course we need to get some details from the press release, Lightspeed to acquire Ecwid and NuORDER to unify commerce ecosystem …

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Mike Demo Joins Codeable

Those in the open source communities of WordPress and Joomla have known Mike Demopoulos for many years (as Mike Demo or Demo or 🌈👾🎢⚽ – isn’t one name enough 😉) and for the last five …

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But wait there’s more …

Christie Chirinos Joins Codeable

I’m sensing a theme at Codeable: Step 1, find talented WordPress folk who have hosting experience; Step 2, hire them. Announced June 7, Christie has taken on a new role at Codeable, Partner Community Development …

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The Cold Brew

Cloudways and Patchstack

There have been a ton of announcements regarding acquisitions, partnerships, and more. I thought I’d pick this one up for two reasons, one and a disclosure, I am the Director of WordPress at Cloudways, and two, it’s a bit of work I’m very glad we’ve been able to make it happen since it contributes back to the WordPress community and project. From the Cloud7 post, Cloudways partners with WordPress security tool provider Patchstack: “Cloudways is releasing WordPress command-line interface (WP-CLI) packages designed by Patchstack that will be available for everyone to use as open-source. WordPress users can utilize these packages …

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WordCamp Europe 2021 Underway

Short and sweet, #WCEU is underway through June 9. The virtual platform selected is really easy to navigate and friendlier then some I’ve seen over the last year. The best part, is that sessions are short and sweet, which is something I’m a big fan of for virtual events. The schedule is packed solid with Matt Mullenweg, closing it all out on June 9. Quick link pointers: Registration still available in limited quantities Community dashboard Of course, the schedule …

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