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500 Billion Dollars

That is an amazingly huge amount of money, and what is referring to? WordPress!

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From BusinessWire, WordPress Economy Drives More Than Half a Trillion in Revenue, New Global Study Shows: “To put the global WordPress economy in context, if WordPress were a country, its economy would rank 39th in the world according to an IMF list of countries by GDP. The estimated 2021 economy facilitated by WordPress is comparable to that generated by the Apple App Store at $643B, and if it were equivalent to the market cap of a company it would come in at no. 10 on the list of companies by market capitalization (as of May 13th), bigger than that of the world’s most valuable automaker, Tesla at $550.72B.”

You know what this means of course, at least you should if you’ve been reading here for a bit, it’s going to be IPO time really really quickly. The press release was generated by WP Engine, and there is only one reason why they would spend the time and resources to explain the size of the WordPress market. Juice up investors!

There are tons of investor bait terms throughout the post: Apple, Tesla, IMF, market capitalization. Showing sustained growth in the ecosystem, and of course the WP Engine is a part of that, is really getting my speculative brain going. I’m on the record that there would be an IPO in 2021 for either WP Engine or Automattic and this only reinforces such speculation.

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