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Convesio and Steadfast Partnership

In some great news for independent WordPress hosting and infrastructure, Convesio and Steadfast are joining forces to push performance and the WordPress-as-a-Service model (WPaaS). Convesio likes to use the more common “platform-as-a-service” nomenclature but the platform is WordPress hyper-optimized so I’m coining WPaaS today.

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We were pleasantly surprised when we connected with Steadfast and discovered the amazing speed and reliability nested in their infrastructure and network. Establishing speeds from 30% – 60% faster than ‘Big Box’ providers is astounding.

Tom Fanelli, Convesio CEO/Founder

And that’s the really awesome part. I know no one wants to call out “Big Box” but let’s face it, most hosting companies don’t have intimate relationships with their infrastructure. Most WordPress hosting companies are on AWS and Google Cloud and these cloud providers are absolutely not built for that these kinds of partnerships. You’re only going to get that relationship at exorbitant prices and then maybe without as much understanding and flexibility. The “Big Box” are all about scaling users.

This venture feels like ‘home’ as we are once again weaving complete website development services back into our foundation …

Tim Monner, Steadfast Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

I want to get back to the indie aspect. Especially with WordPress the overall ecosystem is very large and very independent. This kind of relationship I think is unique and valuable. I was able to ask Tom Fanelli if he thinks an indie partnership like Convesio and Steadfast will become more common in the WordPress ecosystem?

Yes, as more products centralize on providers like Google and Amazon, those who strive for innovation will turn to more agile companies that provide a customized solution based on very specific needs and objectives. 

Tom Fanelli, Convesio CEO/Founder

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