Liquid Web will be the first of the year to kickoff numerous acquisitions in the hosting economy. Lots of these have been held over because of the holidays, legal, tax, etc. reasons to expect a very busy first quarter.

From the press release, The Events Calendar Joins the Liquid Web Family: “This wasn’t just a technology purchase for Liquid Web. We’ll be keeping the entire The Events Calendar team on board as part of the acquisition.” Not explicitly mentioned in the press release, this also includes Loxi, Promoter, and WP Sandbox.

I was able to reach out to Chris Lema, VP Products, Liquid Web, for additional comments: “What you’ve seen with the acquisitions of iThemes and Restrict Content Pro, is that we know how to buy companies, integrate them into our systems, and still let them thrive independently, so that they don’t disappear. We’re excited to have the Events Calendar team join us and see the same kind of growth that our other acquisitions have had.”

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