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Sponsor of the Week: FLATsite

Static sites are quickly evolving as the new trend to secure WordPress sites for many companies. FLATsite is one of the platforms spearheading this trend. It’s your all-in-one WordPress tool with enhanced security, ultra-fast site speed and helps you to generate huge savings.

FLATsite Key Benefits:

  • WordPress Built-in – Get secure and easy access to WordPress on FLATsite’s remote servers.
  • Built-in WP Security – Get IP blocking, static sites and remote servers to beef-up your security.
  • Improved SEO – Create ultra-fast static sites with less server requests.
  • Easy Management – It’s the leading platform to manage & secure unlimited WP static sites.
  • Huge savings – Cut your hosting costs by creating lightweight static sites.
  • Save time –  Get access to the 1-click deploy button to instantly add webpages or make updates.

If you are searching for the perfect tool to leverage your WordPress experience, boost security and site speed then check out Start for free today!

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