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Morning Coffee Monday Mashup: Get to Work

So first, the weekend newsletter Pot of Coffee is open for business, catchup on what you may have missed during the week. Second, Monday’s will be focused on a bunch of topics that are not more focused on WordPress, ecommerce, agencies, or open source. You’ll see more about hosting, infrastructure, and the financial side of the community. Last, getting back to updating the webinars and events (zoom fatigue is real!), so for now look to Morning Coffees for what’s coming up.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Feed the Fatigue

Pick one of these webinars or events. You’ll learn plenty and can sign up for the rest and watch, or just listen to, the replay at your leisure. What could be better than “Starting An Ecommerce Business In A Highly Competitive World” presented by Nexcess, or Pantheon’s AgileCMS, or even the Joomla User Group London, all on Tuesday. I’ll keep posting the day before in a recurring Feed the Fatigue so keep checking in. One thing I’d like to see, especially for webinars, is a 10 minutes meet and great, regardless of the topic. I think that will help enliven the experience and help folks meet each other.

Non-Terrible, Bearable?

Convesio with a no holds barred take on hosting, which includes a pretty big indictment of cPanel based hosting. They’ve also got a fantastic hosting agnostic review of page speed for ~1,500 agencies. I think most humans only really care about FCP.

Happy 15th Birthday Joomla!

No fancy quip, no snarky comment, Joomla, the CMS which powers a ton of the internet turns 15 today. By the numbers Joomla is still the 2nd/3rd largest content management system on the internet. Powering millions of websites in 76 languages. I’m proud to have been intimately involved as one time President of Joomla, and am looking forward to Joomla 4 (GitHub). Sto lat!

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