A little thought. I am by no means a financial market prognosticator or analyst, but I think the recent poor NYSE/Nasdaq performance and early year-end profit taking are going to push to pent up demand by the third quarter of 2021 for a WordPress IPO. By WordPress I mean the obvious financial leaders who are positioned, Automattic and WP Engine.

Lighthouse Performance

So I missed this important post about how site metrics are going to change, Big changes are coming to GTmetrix: “Currently, GTmetrix scores your page based on how well it adheres to PageSpeed and YSlow’s best practices for web performance. While these libraries have served us well in the past, they primarily focused on how well your page is built for speed (or structure), and not how fast it actually loads for your users.”

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Will WordPress Perform?

PHP 8 is coming and coming very quickly, this unbelievably informative (and technical) review from Yoast is a must read, The 2020 WordPress and PHP 8 compatibility report: “PHP 8 is going to contain a lot of breaking changes. We’ve described a subset of those changes in this report; the ones which we assume will have the biggest impact on WordPress and the broader WordPress ecosystem. Those mainly have to do with warnings becoming errors and many many strict type related errors that are being introduced. A rather high portion of these changes can only be detected on runtime.”

Movers and Shakers

One Wednesday is not like the other, error in yesterday’s Masterclass in Website Security with BlogVault date, it will actually be on November 3. And if you are still recovering from election day, I’m sure they’ll send a link to the recording (I should just take the whole week off).

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