This is very big news in the stock media space, and will most likely trickle down into the WordPress economy due to Shutterstock’s relationship with Automattic. I’ve known about TurboSquid for a very long time and it’s heartening to see their growth and now acquisition.

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From the press release, Shutterstock to Acquire TurboSquid, the World’s Largest 3D Marketplace: “For over 20 years, TurboSquid has been a 3D industry leader, offering a unified 3D workflow, and operating a marketplace offering of more than one million 3D models, a 2D marketplace derived from 3D objects, and a digital asset management solution offered on a SaaS basis. Since its inception in 2000, TurboSquid has enabled the creation, optimization, publishing and monetization of 3D models, while accelerating time to market and reducing development hours via its proprietary technology.”

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