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WordCamp Miami Sessions Part 2

I’m very much looking forward to WordCamp Miami 2020 and with just a few days until kickoff, I wanted to share the sessions that I’ve marked as must see for Saturday afternoon, I’ve already posted my Saturday morning. Everyone has different needs but these are the ones I’m personally looking forward to, let’s get to it. Below are the times, speakers, and a one sentence summary.

Saturday, February 29, Afternoon Sessions

13:50 From WordPress To Blockchain: The Future Is 100% Open Source

“Also included is a sneak peak at WordPress in 2030.”


14:10 The 3 Essentials Of Designing Your Plan

“Use the WWH method for designing focused and efficient plans for your marketing activities.”

WENDY GUESS | @DrWendyGuess

14:30 Use WordPress To Share Your Voice To Address Social Issues

“WordPress is a platform that allows and encourages the acceptance and tolerance of the human story.”

WILLIAM JACKSON | @wmjackson

15:10 The Transients API – Caching With WordPress

“In this session we will explore a very underrated, unknown but important type of caching that is available to you out of the box in WordPress: transients.”

MARCO BERROCAL | @marcobl10

15:50 Product Doesn’t Matter: Service Design Is The Future Of Good UX

“Service Design is about understanding how the sea rocks the boat.”


16:30 Defeat The Dreaded Impostor Syndrome With A Dose Of Audacious Confidence

“Do you constantly second guess yourself, or are in fear of being found out that you are a fraud and “they” should have hired someone else?”

ALICIA COURI | @thealiciacouri
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