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How WordPress Are You?

Inspired by another newsletter (totally not in the technology arena), I bring you a quiz to see HOW WORDPRESS ARE YOU? If you want to know what the inspiring newsletter is, just contact me.

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You will be scored! Add up your numbers to be scientifically placed in your correct Custom Post Type.

Q1: How do you spell WordPress?

(1) “WordPress” – internet humpty-dumpty spelling is goofy.
(2) “wordpress” because of my love of e. e. cummings.
(3) If you don’t spell it correctly I will haunt you on social media.

Q2: When you read Ask the Bartender at WP Tavern you feel?

(1) You’re kidding, right? There isn’t a single useful recipe to make this quiz enjoyable.
(2) Why won’t they just call it WordPress Tavern?
(3) If you don’t know Sarah and Justin you might as well just use Wix.

Q3: Reading this makes you think what about WordCamps

When we began planning WordCamp Birmingham 2022 in August, our goal was to safely reunite the WordPress community after a long hiatus.

(1) Really? More of that goofy humpty-dumpty spelling?
(2) Miami 2020
(3) I’m a Central volunteer and covid is giving me stress ulcers from trying to do the right thing for everyone.

Q4: What’s your take on WordPress tangent organizations like Big Orange Heart or Post Status?

(1) I’m a monthly subscriber to BOH since mental wellbeing is really important, never heard of this WordPress thing you keep talking about.
(2) The Post Status Slack really has amazing conversations that go beyond the software.
(3) There is no tangent, all your WordPress are belong to us.

Q5: This one will separate the true-pressers from the wannabes. What kind of a tree are you, if you think you’re a tree?

(1) Did my internet just get hacked? What the heck!
(2) Definitely not an elm.
(3) From my branches I democratize publishing.

Time to do math and you will learn just HOW WORDPRESS ARE YOU!

0-5: LOST. How do you get zero? Doesn’t matter, you obviously clicked the wrong link and wound up here. Thanks for visiting.

6-10: SYSOP. Someone built you a WordPress site, thank you for supporting the ecosystem.

11-15: DRINKING BUDDY. We’ve met but I can’t remember your name. Nice wapuu tattoo!

16: FORK. You know who you are, you forked b2/cafelog.

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