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Committing to the Content

One year ago I came up with the idea for the Ambassador Program while at WordCamp Europe. While I’d love to tell a million stories about that, the point here is that I needed to drive traffic, learning how to commit to content, and what a consistent approach has been able to accomplish.

Throughout 2019, this blog had been about the occasional big post, I had an amazing interview series, focus on acquisitions, and some fun content to write. The main issue was an on-going consistency to reach out and in the same vein grow the audience. As 2019 moved along I found myself creating content around and during speaking engagements, WordCamps, and other in-person conferences.

Welcome to 2020, January kicked off well and February decidedly better.

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Total Visits per Month (2020)

And then COVID, events were getting canceled (rightly) everywhere, the whole plan and forecast for the year was completely torn up by the second week of March.

Creating content on a consistent basis is extremely time consuming but valuable, any SEO expert or agency will tell you that. Creating content on a daily basis is that much harder. I have a desire to read as much possible so how can I make that valuable? I started with weekly updates that have now turned into daily updates, seven days a week with #MorningCoffee. Let’s look at the stats since I started.

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Total Visits per Month (2020)

Quarter over quarter this has doubled total visitors. In fact at the beginning of June total visitors for 2020 exceeded all of 2019!

At first generating and deploying the content took an inordinate amount of time. Over the months I’ve been able to automate what’s possible and reasonable. All of the content is fully read, curated, and dissected. That still takes time but deployment would take hours. With Zapier and Google Sheets things have gotten much easier and that will be the topic of a very big post soon.

What’s the moral of the story, even without optimizing for SEO, the mere fact of generating useful content on a consistent basis can have a huge impact.

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