There has been a lot of news in the last week about web hosting companies. Today we have Epik in the news, The Verge, PayPal cuts ties with domain registrar Epik over digital currency: “… in an open letter to PayPal employees dated October 19th and posted to Epik’s blog, Epik senior vice president for strategy and communications Robert Davis said PayPal’s actions amounted to “abuse of power and overreach by a de facto monopoly,” and questioned the timing of PayPal’s decision.” The Verge, references a Mashable story, Home to Proud Boys domain, Gab, and other …: “According to the source, Epik has not gone through the appropriate legal steps to run Masterbucks, and was encouraging [stuff, n.b. I’m not interested in spreading the legal term unless proven].”

Speaking of Payments

The great Sarah Gooding for WP Tavern, Stripe Acquires Paystack for $200M+: “The big news in the world of e-commerce today is Stripe’s acquisition of Paystack, a Nigeria-based payments system that is widely used throughout African markets.” I normally don’t reference comments in any posts but Caspar makes a great point, “I once was told, when I tried to spur commercial activity of a WordPress business in sub-Saharan regions, that “there is no money in Africa”.”

Mathias Biilmann Interview

Yes quoting my own self here, but am very thrilled to have had an opportunity to interview Mathias Biilmann, CEO of Netlify: “A couple of top line items I wanted to go through with two questions. You have received almost a hundred million dollars in A+B+C funding in the last four years. Are you and your investors seeing the revenue growth that you expected because of that?” And yes you’ll have to read the interview for more.

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