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Elementor’s PayPal Button

Lost in March Madness was the launch of Elementor’s PayPal button, PR Newswire, Elementor Launches PayPal Button Widget to Boost E-commerce Capabilities for Businesses Moving Online: “This new widget widens customer bases to those who are less comfortable sharing credit card details online, simplifying payment collection with one of the world’s most reputable online payment systems. By enabling single and recurring payments and donations, Elementor V3.2 removes a major constraint for businesses, essentially giving any site the potential to become e-commerce savvy.”

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There is more PR friendly stuff up there but I thought I’d get a few questions answered directly from the source since it not only interests me as a WordPress solution but also the directions Elementor Cloud may take.

Does Elementor see this as an alternative to building shops on WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, or Shopify?

Collecting payments via a PayPal button is not a replacement for a full blown e-commerce solution, but it does help small businesses with simple commerce requirements to start selling online quickly (e.g., ebooks, donations, crafts).

What are some similar future plans?

We’ll be focusing on improving Elementor’s e-commerce capabilities with WooCommerce integration and adding to our marketing platform, which includes landing pages, forms, pop-ups, email marketing integrations and more.

Will Elementor embed a more seamless payment experience so that one doesn’t have to leave the site?

We have a great roadmap and look forward to providing our e-commerce and shop-building users with the flexibility, customization and editing experience at the level Elementor users have come to expect. Stay tuned!

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