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March Madness 2021

No, I am definitely not talking about NCAA basketball, since I barely know a thing about it except that I used to hang out in a bar, with friends, cheering for names on a piece of paper. The March Madness I’m speaking of is a coming deluge of must attend events, which of course all run on top of each other. In a non-virtual event world this would be impossible to manage but these days we can TiVo our events.

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These are all honestly must see TV. We have GoDaddy Pro events on March 15, 16, and 17! But that’s just the warm up. First on the list big events is WordPress Disaster Week from March 16 – 18. I mentioned this last week, and it’s really going to be a primer in everything you should be thinking about with regards to surviving a WordPress disaster. On March 18 we get the first monthly Woo RoundTable discussion between a panelist and a representative from WooCommerce who will ‘sit’ on the Purple Chair. Jonathan Wold will be the first in the chair.

The next two events will be dominating the week of March 22. We have Atarim’s Web Agency Summit and CloudFest. Both begin on March 23 with CloudFest ending on the 25th and Web Agency Summit, the 26th. While many WordPress users will be familiar with the team at Atarim and last year’s summit, CloudFest will certainly be a little different with topics not necessarily WordPress focused. Either way both should be blocked out on your calendar. Both will have serious networking opportunities. Both are on my list.

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