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When being virtual is the norm – virtual is really an overused and incorrect word, with apologies to The Prisoner, “I am not a virtual!” I’m just on a screen – keeping, maintaining, and improving your customer connections is crucial. At the WordPress Chicago Meetup, Tara Johnson founder of AlchemyThree, How to Keep Your Clients on Track, Engaged and Singing Your Praises: “If You Leave a Client Hanging They are Destined to Stray.”

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Tara did an amazing job walking through the life-cycle of connecting with your customers from start to finish. There is a great little bit about clients being like children, NOT in the sense that they are unintelligent but that a lot of care, feeding, and guidance is required. During the meetup an attendee suggested a much more client friendly alternative, that agencies are experienced safari guides, and that you wouldn’t necessarily want someone with minimal experience taking you through the jungle.

Much more strongly, Michelle Frechette writing for GoWP, How Dedicated Customer Success Leads to Your Success: “When an agency focuses on a client’s success, their energies and attentions fine tune beyond what “works” and instead turn to what “helps.” And you know what happens when your customers succeed? You do, too.” There is a helpful list in there as well. In fact two lists.

Lastly, customer service in an online only world can be quite uninspiring, Slack this, Zoom meet, email that – well I thought this was an interesting fun-email post by Karolina Petraškienė, How to Boost Click-Through Rates with Interactive Scratch-Off Emails: “Scratch-off emails, or Scratch Card as we call it, is a flexible content block that can be incorporated into your usual email template. When email recipients open the email, they see a grey box with an invitation to “scratch” the boxed area — just like one might do with a scratch-off lottery ticket. The user scratches the card by clicking and dragging across the area, revealing the hidden offer that you’ve prepared for them.”

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