My open source relationship began in 2004 with Mambo, forked a year later as Joomla. Back then it was really hard work to sell the benefits, the community, and the transparency of using this crazy “free” software stuff. A big splash, at least for the open source world, was in October 2009 when was launched on Drupal, CapitalGig,, Drupal & CMS: “This past weekend, the Associated Press reported that the White House was moving to an open source content management system (CMS) known as Drupal. Many among the tech set have praised the move including Nancy Scola from techPresident who was among the first to write about the change in her post, goes Drupal.”

WordPress and the White House

Did you know WordPress is already running the White House (no need to certify)? It doesn’t look that will change any time soon either, WP Tavern, Biden-Harris Transition Website Launches on WordPress: “Both the current administration’s and are also running on WordPress. If the Biden-Harris transition website is any indication, the next edition of may also relaunch on WordPress.”

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Post Election Clarity

I am completely not surprised that I missed this announcement two weeks ago, Bing Blogs, Microsoft Clarity is now Generally Available: “Microsoft Clarity is a free-to-use analytics product built to help website managers improve their website experiences by better understanding site visitor behavior.” Let the battle of the site trackers begin. Interestingly, the Clarity signup page has a GDPR statement, “We are GDPR compliant as a data controller for visitors to our site and processor for the data gathered by the Clarity script on your site.” I am not a lawyer, curious though how this compares to Google Analytics.

Solar Recount!

I’m not letting it go, Pluto is still a planet! But no matter what you think of it, you can see all the rest easily and many with just your naked eyes, The Cosmic Companion, See All Seven Planets in the Sky this Week: “All the planets in the Solar System are visible in the night sky this week, making a beautiful sight for stargazers. Even the outermost planets — Uranus, and Neptune (plus the dwarf planet Pluto) can be seen by observers using telescopes.”

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