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Atarim Web Agency Summit Schedule

Update: The schedule has been a slight moving target but it’s now posted and up-to-date at the actual summit. I’m leaving the original up since it’s interesting to compare. Go to Web Agency Summit’s Schedule for the latest.

Not sure why this isn’t an easily accessible and link-able bit of content but the Web Agency Summit does have a schedule that has been emailed out in bits and pieces. I thought it would be great to have it all in one place, and they one that I’ll be most interested in (your mileage may vary) are in italics. All times are Eastern Daylight Time, so have some math fun if required.

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Opening Day, March 23

Jimmy Rosén: CEO at Angry Creative
What I Would & Wouldn’t Do Again When Building a 50+ Employee Agency
Tuesday, 23rd of March 9am (EDT)

Sam Mulaim: Founder and CEO of FixRunner
How To Sell WordPress Care Plans
Tuesday, 23rd of March 10am (EDT)

Paul Goodchild: Founder, Lead Dev of iControlWP & Shield Security
How To Maximize Your WordPress Security and That Of Your Clients
Tuesday, 23rd of March 11am (EDT)

Todd Jones: Story Teller at Copyflight
Top Reasons For Using Storytelling in Your Content
Tuesday, 23rd of March 12pm (EDT)

Topher DeRosia: Senior WordPress Strategist at Camber Creative
5 Tips To Make Your Employees Raving Fans
Tuesday, 23rd of March 1pm (EDT)

Adrian Tobey: Creator of Groundhogg
How To Design, Build, And Deploy CRM & Marketing Automation Projects Faster Than Ever Before!
Tuesday, 23rd of March 2pm (EDT)

Michelle Frechette: Head of Customer Success at GiveWP
Building Community to Build Your Brand
Tuesday, 23rd of March 3pm (EDT)

Beth Livingston: Director of The WP Project Manager’s Academy
The Magic of the Change Budget
Tuesday, 23rd of March 4pm (EDT)

Donata Stroink-Skillrud: President of Termageddon
The 3 Things All Web Professionals Need To Know About Privacy
Tuesday, 23rd of March 5pm (EDT)

Day 2, March 24

Ben Pines: Head of Web Creator Program at Elementor
Elementor Features and Hacks For Agencies
Wednesday, 24th of March 8am (EDT )

Chris Lema: VP, Products & Innovation at Liquid Web & Nexcess
The Single Paradigm Shift You Need To Experience To Help You Add $100k – $300k To Your Income
Wednesday, 24th of March 9am (EDT)

Ovi Negrean: CEO and Co-Founder of SocialBee
Increase Your Web Design Agency’s Recurring Revenue with These 5 Marketing Services
Wednesday, 24th of March 12pm (EDT)

David Vogelpohl: VP of Growth at WP Engine
Monthly Recurring Revenue for Freelancers & Agencies
Wednesday 24th of March 1pm (EDT)

Marieke Van De Rakt: CEO of Yoast
Get SEO Fit: 7 Tips To Improve The SEO Fitness Of Your Website
Wednesday, 24th of March 3pm (EDT)

Chase Buckner: Director Of Content & Education for HighLevel
Why Smart Agencies Are Pivoting To A SaaS + Services Model
Wednesday, 24th of March 4pm (EDT)

Day 3, March 25

Thibaud Guerin: Web Marketing Manager
Multilingual Websites: How To Generate Additional Revenue For Your Agency
Thursday, 25th of March 9am (EDT)

Miriam Schwab: Co-Founder and CEO of Strattic
A Static-First Approach To WordPress For Greater speed, Security, Scalability and Peace Of Mind
Wednesday, 25th of March 10am (EDT)

Tanya Quintieri: Web Designer at Mrs. Divi
Designing Better Websites for Global Audiences
Thursday, 25th of March 11am (EDT)

Nicole Osborne: Marketing Coach for Digital Agency Owners
How To Get Noticed By Your Dream Clients On LinkedIn
Thursday, 25th of March 1pm (EDT)

Amber Hinds: CEO of Equalize Digital
How to Build Accessibility into Your Website Projects
Thursday, 25th of March 2pm (EDT)

Aleksandar Savkovic: WP Community Manager at Cloudways
Are Your Website’s Web Vitals Good, And Why Not?
Wednesday, 25th of March 3pm (EDT)

Chip Edwards: Technologist and Teacher
What does Amazon Alexa mean for Website Design?
Thursday, 25th of March 5pm (EDT)

Last Day, March 26

Martin Krcho: Senior developer at WP White Security
Website Security Is Not A One-Time Fix
Friday, 26th of March 9am (EDT)

Davinder Singh Kainth: Website Creator & Coach
Make Yourself Stand Out in the WordPress Space
Friday, 26th of March 11am (EDT)

Natasha Golinsky:Founder of On Purpose Project
How To End Scope Creep Forever
Friday, 26th of March 12pm (EDT)

Marcus Ohanesian: Founder & Designer at Perfect Evolution
Proactive Project Management
Friday, 26th of March 1pm (EDT)

Vito Peleg: Founder of Atarim
The 3 Main Bottlenecks of Every Website Project & How To Avoid Them
Friday, 26th of March 2pm (EDT)

Patrick Gallagher: Co-Founder and CEO GridPane
Cheat To Win: 4 Secrets to How the Fastest and Most Profitable Sites Pull It All Off
Friday, 26th of March 3pm (EDT)

Mike Demo: Lead Hand Shaker at Web Ventures
Invoicing and You: Getting Paid, WordPress Tools, and Making Happy Clients
Friday, 26th of March 4pm (EDT)

Chris Badgett: CEO of LifterLMS
How to Become a High Value WordPress LMS Consultant
Friday, 26th of March 5pm (EDT)

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