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Morning Coffee: Get Geeky

Everything is #BREAKING today! We have a new WebPros CEO, and Endurance International Group has been acquired (think Bluehost, Constant Contact, and more). Let’s see if I can get this out before another bit of breaking news …

Not like the news cycle is totally consumed with the U.S. election but let’s take a Monday break with some geeky stuff. And tomorrow, think about this, I know many if not all Americans (even others around the world) will be stressed – regardless of affiliation – today, tomorrow, and maybe even longer. If there’s one thing I can suggest to take control, spend some time with all the news off (social, cable, tv, radio, everything). Give yourself a break from the barrage. In fact plan on those breaks. I’ve added “timeouts” into my calendar already.

CLIck Less with WP CLI

So I love automating anything that has to be done more than twice. From the folks at cPanel, WP CLI: Install and Manage WordPress on the Command Line: “WordPress is incredibly easy to use with its intuitive graphical interface but it’s not ideal for server administrators and hosting providers who manage hundreds of sites. WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) is a powerful tool that can control every aspect of WordPress from the command line.”

Phreaking History

True geeks will know blue boxes, you can buy a Jobs + Wozniak blue box if you have way too much spare change – with the irony being the device existed to obviate the need for any spare change, “Long before they founded Apple, the “Steves” — Woz and Jobs — set out to build highly illegal blue boxes.”

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