Everything is #BREAKING today! We have a new WebPros CEO, and Endurance International Group has been acquired (think Bluehost, Constant Contact, and more). Let’s see if I can get this out before another bit of breaking news …

Not like the news cycle is totally consumed with the U.S. election but let’s take a Monday break with some geeky stuff. And tomorrow, think about this, I know many if not all Americans (even others around the world) will be stressed – regardless of affiliation – today, tomorrow, and maybe even longer. If there’s one thing I can suggest to take control, spend some time with all the news off (social, cable, tv, radio, everything). Give yourself a break from the barrage. In fact plan on those breaks. I’ve added “timeouts” into my calendar already.

CLIck Less with WP CLI

So I love automating anything that has to be done more than twice. From the folks at cPanel, WP CLI: Install and Manage WordPress on the Command Line: “WordPress is incredibly easy to use with its intuitive graphical interface but it’s not ideal for server administrators and hosting providers who manage hundreds of sites. WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) is a powerful tool that can control every aspect of WordPress from the command line.”

Phreaking History

True geeks will know blue boxes, you can buy a Jobs + Wozniak blue box if you have way too much spare change – with the irony being the device existed to obviate the need for any spare change, “Long before they founded Apple, the “Steves” — Woz and Jobs — set out to build highly illegal blue boxes.”

iThemes Security Pro

You don’t need an intergalactic bounty hunter to fight bad guys. iThemes Security Pro will secure and protect your WordPress sites from the wretched hive of scum and villainy across the internet! Prevent hacks, security breaches, malware and more. This is the way.

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