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Morning Coffee for Open Source: Past is Present

The history of open source and the web are so entwined that it’s hard to remember when open source wasn’t all about the tools that are intricate parts of our lives. I’m not going to go the far back but do have reflections on what’s old is new, and a story from last year.

Smells Like Web Spirit

In many ways, the 1990s got a lot right about how the web should be. We’ve veered to some extremes (eeek Flash) but much is coming back. Think headless, JAMstack, static WordPress and more. Max … [Read More]


“If you hang around in open source communities for long enough, you realize there is more to open source than slapping a free software license on a project and throwing it over an imaginary fence … [Read More]

Two is the Loneliest Number

Most people when asked about the largest open source CMS projects are quick to say WordPress and Drupal, however Joomla has consistently been number two in the specific niche. It’s much more popular outside of … [Read More]

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