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A Tale of Two Keynotes

There is a lot to discuss regarding the 2020 State of the Word, as well as of course the 2020 Steak of the Word. Subscribers to #MorningCoffee will get the full run down this weekend but I thought I’d do a quick compare and contrast – and maybe some side thoughts – on the two major content management system keynotes that have occurred in December.

Two? Driesnote 2020 aka the State of Drupal was given during DrupalCon Europe on December 9. The WordPress State of the Word was presented on December 17. This make it easy to point out some similarities in style and substance. Again cursory.

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Live vs. Prerecorded

Driesnote (DN) was a live remote presentation with slide. State of the Word (SotW) was fully prerecorded including the question and answer segment.


Theme may be a strong word because both presentation looked to talk about the past year and opportunities in the short and long term. DN certainly had a tighter goal of How to Optimize for Impact whereas SotW was very broad and didn’t feel as if it had a specific story to tell.

Questions and Answers

SotW had approximately 1.5 hours of questions and answers, mostly answered by Matt Mullenweg as well as the folks most responsible fo the answer. DN has no really Q&A outside of Heather Rocker (Global Executive Director, Drupal Association) speaking with Dries.

Big Similaraties

On the unfortunate side, captioned content was not available, I’m struck that both technology associations couldn’t make this happen for real time accessibility. On the plus side the open web and community are strong and important goals for two of the biggest open source projects on the internet.

Stay tuned for the deep dives!

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