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The ongoing vote count edition of assorted links.

  1. Automattic Releases Spearhead, a Seedlet Child Theme Aimed at Podcasters and Content Creators: “… primarily focuses on podcasters. However, the team has marketed it toward content creators in general.”
  2. 5 Best Free Autoresponder Tools Tested and Compared: “… we’re more interested in email marketing autoresponders, the ones that offer complete automated workflow building, transactional emails, and even eCommerce receipts and promotional coupons.”
  3. 15 Ways User Experience Impacts Business Success: “Companies with the highest investment in UX, referred to as “design unicorns,” saw their sales increase by 75%.”
  4. rtCamp Labs Plugin Release: Mention Links: “Type @ and select the username from the suggestion box. A link to the user’s profile (or author page) is automatically created. Similarly, use # to select and link to posts and pages.” Nice!
  5. 5 Ways to Grow your Hosting Business Online: “Growing a web hosting business can be challenging, though this is true for virtually every industry. Look past the basics and examine details in various areas to get a more profound sense and understanding of the business.”

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