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Do the Woo Chats with WordFest Organizers, a Podcast

I love Do the Woo podcasts since they always provide great content but also a transcript, I’m a reader, and we have a good one about WordFest, WooCommerce, and community, Do the Woo Chats with WordFest Organizers. This is a mega episode with Cate DeRosia, Dan Maby, Hauwa Abashiya, Michelle Frechette, and of course the host, Bob Dunn.

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So WordFest is a live 24 hour virtual festival of WordPress. So we’re gonna be traveling the world, celebrating coming together as a community. We’ve got a fantastic lineup even if I do say so myself all speakers, we’ve actually got an incredible 48 sessions lined up for you. The event itself is entirely free you do not have to pay to attend.

However we do offer the option to make an optional donation at point of registration. The reason I say donation is because this entire event or funds raised through it, through both sponsorship and donation are going to support Big Orange Heart which as I mentioned is a registered charity supporting wellbeing and mental health. So the event itself is going to be running over a 24 hour period as we travel across multiple time zones. And I’m incredibly excited to bring this as part of a team to the community.

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