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Fronting the News

While there have been the arguments about JAMstack vs WordPress, let’s not forget that there is a lot of static site magic happening with WordPress agencies. Today we have, WP Tavern, Frontity Inks Partnership with 10up: “Frontity has launched a partnership program to support the maintenance of its open source framework for building React-based WordPress sites. 10up, a large agency that provides headless solutions to enterprise customers, is the first partner to join in support of the project.”

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For Forbes Sake

Forbes takes a stab at discussing website performance. To spare you the Forbes paywall/ad blast, Forbes, The Importance Of Page Speed Optimization: “Think about your own browsing habits. If you would not wait around for a page to load, why would you expect your customers to do so? They would not either. That’s why it’s vital to understand that every customer who bounces from your site is potentially a lost sale.” Ok, yes, but the article completely ignores load testing as the only way to be confident in your site’s real world performance and stability.


I’ve used database-as-a-service before, CleadDB, and love a service dedicated to providing hyper optimized MySQL. In the Tools are Tools podcast Rich Hill talks about Fortress DB.


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