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Remote Time

Remote Time (work from home) is very different than Office Time but even more different across the globe than in the United States. Jennifer Liu at CNBC, American workers aren’t returning to the office like their international counterparts—here’s why,

… office attendance has returned to 70% to 90% in Europe and the Middle East, and around 80% to 110% in some Asian cities, meaning some workers are spending more time in the office now than pre-Covid.

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Interesting data points throughout the article, but I would very much like to add one more since it’s coming up soon. Daylight Saving Time (DST). The evil “springing” forward in time that is not only an inconvenience but Daylight Saving Time is harmful. Also, I’m a morning person and it just messes with my mojo. But. BUT! Not as much as it could because of working from home. I’m not suddenly going to lose an hour of sleep. No need to hit the road at the right moment to be at the office at the right time. I’ve been even tempted to switch all my clocks to Mountain Daylight Time and live in a personal timezone just to shake my fist at the clock-illuminati.

Ok, there is one benefit of DST, albeit for only two weeks, and that is being one hour “closer” to Europe. I take that back, closer to many equatorial countries as well for the entirety of DST. Regardless, life would be better staying on standard time.

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