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GoDaddy Goes Hub-Club-Home

First time I’ve seen the new work model described as Hub-Club-Home, and I have to say I love the analogy. It’s really clear in my mind where an employee might be physically, and why.

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So this all comes from Domain Name Wire, GoDaddy to close Scottsdale office and move HQ to Tempe as work goes remote: “GoDaddy says it’s making the move because it anticipates a hybrid work model in the future. The company says it’s moving to a “Hub-Club-Home” model where some employees work full-time in an office (Hub), some work part of the week in an office (Club), and others will work exclusively from home.”

It’s also my understanding that this isn’t just about reducing operational costs, though that’s sure to happen, but also a positive response from management to how employees at GoDaddy see their future work happening.

I think that the WF/HCH (Work from Hub/Club/Home) model will likely be a model for many companies that can support it. In retrospect, it really is amazing to see how a company like Automattic has been doing this for so long.

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