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A Slack Sale

This is definitely not your typical Black Friday sale, that’s for sure. We actually have a couple of links to this, first courtesy of Bridget Willard, Fortune, Why Salesforce Wants to Slurp Up Slack: “The two tech companies recently held talks about a deal whose value would likely top $17 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports. That figure represents Slack’s market capitalization in recent days—before M&A rumors sent the stock surging almost 25%, causing stock markets to halt trading of its shares, on Wednesday.”

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And more from CNBC, Salesforce is in talks to buy Slack, deal could be announced next week: “Salesforce has been on an acquisition spree, taking advantage of its market cap growth in recent years to buy growing companies. It acquired MuleSoft for $6.5 billion in 2018, the company’s biggest deal ever at the time, to help connect cloud applications. The following year it spent more than twice that amount on Tableau, acquiring the data visualization company for $15.3 billion.”

Why should this be of interest to the community – besides that we all have at least once channel that we are subscribed to? Well, Automattic received Salesforce investment in the last year, and then subsequently invested in New Vector’s Matrix. Slack and Microsoft Teams are the giant players in, for all intents and purposes, the chat space (1999 is calling up ICQ, IRC, yada yada yada). These are all interesting technical partnerships to keep an eye on.

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