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Socially Capped

Back in the good ole days, you know February 2020, I was planning on attending three to four major in-person events a month. Actually flying somewhere and speaking to audiences and shaking hands and having a dinner and grabbing coffee and so on and so on. Now we Zoom (and Skype and GoToMeeting and on and on). There is a personal drag to not getting that social interaction (which for some including me) takes the “high” out of the day. There’s also another critical component, social capital. Courtesy of The Washington Post‘s Fred Hiatt, We’re doing our best with Zoom. But we’ll still need offices — and each other: “Now we’re drawing on that social capital, in a sense, without a good way to replenish it. Over time we will begin to lose track of each other’s children, pets and interests. We’ll have fewer points of common reference. Inevitably, some of us will leave, others will be hired — and how will the workplace culture be passed down then?”

A Morning Coffee Post

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