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Morning Coffee for Open Source: Past Present Future

Friday’s are about the greater open source community (yes WordPress may get mention as we do today) but it’s an attempt to provide knowledge about projects and tools which you may not think of day to day. Enjoy!

Snake-bit by Python

“In the last few months, perhaps a year or more, a lot of people started talking about how Python would be going away in favor of other newer programming languages like Julia, Rust, Go, etc. However today I want to discuss what the data actually show us and I’ll let you make your own conclusions (though, based on the title, you know mine).” So says, Juan Cruz Martinez in Don’t worry, Python Is Not Going Away!

AMP it up to eleven, err two

Kudos to XWP for their 2.0 release of AMP for WordPress, “Over the last few months, the AMP and XWP teams have been analyzing the onboarding experience and how users install and interact with the plugin. Their goal was to improve the setup experience and make it more user-friendly.” But can we talk for second, how about the AMP team making this user friendly, you know, like letting me opt-out (really this kind of web altering experience should be opt-in). If you have to AMP, fine. I personally don’t like having my links hi-jacked by Google. Do yourself a favor and use DuckDuckGo (had a little fun with the query on that link) on your mobile device until (if) Google fixes the bad mobile experience. Also, DuckDuckGo supports dark mode so hey, super duper awesome.

Dependable Future

I like this Future of American Industry Depends on Open Source Tech post for great quotes like, “Using open source technology is now the fastest way new products get built and legacy technologies get replaced. Yet as US policymakers develop their industrial policy to compete with China, open source is conspicuously absent.” But the quote is a bit political in a place it doesn’t need to be. Let’s ignore the China competitive issue, let’s focus on a rising tide raises all boats. Open source has that magic and frankly I think brings the world closer than not.

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