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Big Orange Heart, Wellness and Tattoo

Michelle Frechette is on a super mental health roll! First we have her Weekly Wellness Checklist at Big Orange Heart: “Consider yourself your biggest asset. I mean without YOU, who or what would you be? That’s right, YOU need YOU to survive. So taking care of you needs to be a top priority.”

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

At first glance the list may seem ridiculous, of course the basics are being done! Brushing teeth, showering, drinking water? Come on, but you know what, it’s been a long year, and I’ve certainly had those days where there would be a lot of missing checkmarks. We’re all human, and a simple visual, not virtual but tactile, in your face list really makes you stop and think about yourself. Very happy to see this put together. Again, the Weekly Wellness Checklist is at Big Orange Heart.

Let’s Ink Michelle!

But wait! There’s more! Fresh from the BOH Slack Lounge, Michelle let’s us know: “Hey folks! I’m doing a fundraiser for Big Orange Heart through Facebook. If we hit $1000 in donations on it I’ll get the BOH logo tattooed on my wrist!” I’m making this a big fat juicy button so you can’t miss it!

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