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Hindsight is 2020: July – September

And what a year it has been! Hindsight is 2020: January – March kicked us off and I followed up with April through June. Let’s look at some defining and popular posts from July through September and see how they hold up.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.


I very much enjoy putting together The Art of WordPress Load Testing at the beginning of the month. I’ve referenced it multiple times as something people should understand about how to setup their WordPress hosting as well as understand how well their website and/or host is performing in different scenario.

I’ve been trying to keep it at two per month for the look back over the year but July had a great post by Jason Nickerson that got some commentary, Open Source Software: Hearts, Minds, and Acquisitions. We also had the merger of i2Coalition and Domain Name Association.


Normally a very quiet month during normal years, but yeah, 2020. A #MorningCoffee about Who Owns WordPress? garnered a ton of great feedback. Speaking of Morning Coffee, the newsletter was launched as only a weekend edition #PotOfCoffee. Now there is an almost daily #MorningCoffee AND the weekend #PotOfCoffee.

Sometimes a random set of topics hits home, and people really seemed to enjoy the Morning Coffee Monday Mashup: Get to Work post about ecommerce, hosting, and the 15th anniversary of Joomla.


The JAMstack wars begin, and in a post originally released in September and with multiple updates, we have JAMmed Up. This was easily the most popular story of the month. There were three that were all tied for second:

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