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Hindsight is 2020: January – March

And what a year it has been! What we as a world have had to struggle against, endure, and change has been unprecedented in my lifetime. It’s been a year of loss, separation, anxiety, and grief. From Covid to politics to work and family, we’ve ridden waves of emotions that were completely unexpected. We’ve also done amazing things from community support to addressing injustice, helping our neighbors and reimagining a better world. Let’s take a look at some defining and popular posts from the year and see how they hold up.

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January 2020

We kick off the year with Web Hosts are Partnering to Expand Markets, well this was on the button! Ecommerce was the big focus throughout from payment processing to email marketing.

Also in January, Web Ventures Acquires Elegant Marketplace, this is the first in a number of Web Ventures acquisitions and portends a busy year of consolidation in the industry.

February 2020

This was a wasted year for Joomla, in What for Joomla? I implored the community to take a hard look at itself and “reboot.” On the plus side there has been a very welcome change in leadership that removed obstacles to governance and well being but Covid absolutely did not help, and getting out from the mess of the previous administration slowed to a crawl. Overall I commend the new leadership but Joomla 4 is still vaporware for all intents and purposes.

I generally don’t get political but tech and politics intersected during the Iowa primaries in a way that deserved attention, Coding in the Shadow. That’s also not to say that tech and politics haven’t had twitter tantrums during the general election but all of those rants have to date been shown to be false.

March 2020

The first BetweenSessions for WordCamp Phoenix was published in February, and I never thought the last BetweenSessions for the year would be written in March. BetweenSessions at WordCamp Miami 2020 was the last in-person event of any kind I attended in 2020. At the time people were already being informed of curtailed or cancelled travel in the short term. Well that changed quickly.

Very depressing news hit the Chicago tech community as well as the global hosting communities when respected, honored, and just all around good human Karl Zimmerman suddenly passed away at the age of 36. He continues to be remembered by friends and colleagues and I am truly glad to have known Karl and the legacies he has created.

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