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Open Source Software: Hearts, Minds, and Acquisitions

I’m always amazed by that statistics around open source. This post by cPanel does a great job of breaking it down. It’s breathtaking to think of how many people have generously volunteered at the end of the day to bring the internet to billions of people. I’m going to be very gratuitous here and actually quote myself from the article. I truly believe that there is both a generosity and benevolence that drive so much development and innovation.

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Open Source has a unique ability to build communities based on the innate desires of people to create, contribute, and connect. The very nature of Open Source taps into the best qualities of human nature, and while projects grow, get political, and change all the time, people sense that they can make a positive difference.

but also from Jason Nickerson,

As we move into the next decade of Open Source, it’s clear that we are still at the beginning of the revolutionary idea started over 20 years ago, that creating open code benefits everyone, from the company, developer to the end-user.

I too am very excited about the next decade of open source.

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