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Hindsight is 2020: April – June

And what a year it has been! Hindsight is 2020: January – March kicked us off now let’s dive into April through June at some defining and popular posts and see how they hold up.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.


March and April were challenging months. The onset of Covid upended everything! Months of travel plans were thrown out. The in-person Ambassador Program, which ended 2019 roaring ahead, was put on the back-burner by everyone. Reinventing the purpose of the blog and work was all consuming. I could not have used this awesome and entertaining break more, Bialy hates Linux.

Additional inspiration came from a Marc Andreessen, It’s Time to Build. I’ll add the quote here that started my inertia, “The problem is desire. We need to want these things. The problem is inertia. We need to want these things more than we want to prevent these things. The problem is regulatory capture. We need to want new companies to build these things, even if incumbents don’t like it, even if only to force the incumbents to build these things. And the problem is will. We need to build these things.”


Two months into the Covid pandemic, the realizations about changing work behavior were taking hold. And thing may never be the same. It’s a quick comment to a short story about how Jack Dorsey changed Twitter work, Work from Home Forever.

What would become a much bigger story in the year, I think I was onto something in following Endurance, Endurance International Group Reports 2020Q1.


June was all about getting a bit more focused after the crazy beginning of the second quarter. It was chock full of Morning Coffees, the title isn’t going anywhere but even now in December I’m still trying to tweak the format.

Joomla got some good press for a very successful 24 hours event. Big Time Joomla.

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