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Endurance International Group Reports 2020Q1

Endurance International Group (EIG) has reported their most recent quarterly results.

Given the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic impact, the Company is suspending the guidance previously issued on February 6, 2020.

Suspending guidance is zero surprise, as many companies including Apple are in the same uncertainty boat. What’s really interesting is that EIG is one of the very very few hosting firms which is publicly traded and allows us some insight into the hosting market.

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Speaking in generalities, EIG (their many brands) caters to shared hosting/shared plus hosting. I wouldn’t necessarily compare any of their properties to Convesio, WP Engine, Pantheon, or WordPress VIP (feel free to correct me). With that caveat, can we extrapolate a COVID pattern or just competition.

Year to year numbers are pretty much stable or down, which to me is actually a surprise. My expectation would have been more hosting needs in Q1, especially for EIG’s core markets. I really want to make a profound statement but there is just not enough data. What I would like to encourage people to do is to take advantage of some of this publicly available information to understand the hosting space.

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