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Morning Coffee for Open Source: Open for Business

Lots of front and behind the scenes action going on in open source over the last few weeks. Everything from money to updates to drama. It’s good to remember that huge enterprises have a lot at stake with what happens at the open source board level as well as volunteers who spend an hour a week. We all make a difference in open source.

Not So Blockheaded

I personally love Gutenberg Blocks for a number of reasons which I used to be able to tell people in real life. As a recap for those that don’t know, Gutenberg is the great wave of make content more flexible and more structured all at the same time. I think it will radically change the architecture of WordPress over the next few years. Headless and SaaS based solutions will find amazing ways to take advantage of what’s being built. To make life easier we now have the Block Gallery, and a good writeup of what developers can do courtesy of WP Tavern.

The Sky’s the Limit

Listen open source founders, the name confusion between the commercial entity and the project foundation is not only annoying but really does a disservice to all the volunteers. Two projects who do it right are Drupal and Joomla. You can see little piece about this from a previous Morning Coffee, Who Owns WordPress. I’ve really gone off topic here, back to the headline, MariaDB (no, not the open source project) raises $25 million.

Open(ish) Governance

IBM and Google sitting in a tree, just on different branches. IBM is very disappointed by Open Usage Commons, while Google is keeping things safe. You make the call.

One the definitely open side, Open Source Matters (Joomla) is running through its semiannual board election process. If you are a voting member, make your voice heard. If you are interested and qualified (qualification means will do the work), the treasurer position is still open.

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