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Assorted Links

Sometimes there is just too much content to comment on appropriately so here we have some assorted links that are worth reviewing.

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Control Panels, “Before web hosting control panels, most website and server management tasks required a great deal of technological know-how.”
  2. Loginizer Plugin Gets Forced Security Update for Vulnerabilities Affecting 1 Million Users, “ has pushed out a forced security update for the Loginizer plugin, which is active on more than 1 million websites.”
  3. rtCamp Labs Plugin Release: Search with Google, “…a WordPress plugin that bypasses the WordPress default search query with server-side results from Custom Search Site Restricted JSON API.”
  4. Become Your User’s Favorite Site with AMP for WordPress, “If you want the opportunity to improve user engagement, performance, and SEO, all while being conscious of your budget, I recommend checking out AMP.”
  5. WordPress 5.6 Feature Removed for Subpar Experience, “WordPress announced that the Widgets Screen part of the WordPress 5.6 release will be pushed back to version 5.7.”
  6. Welcome PushEngage to the WPBeginner Family of Products, “PushEngage is a popular web push notification software for publishers and store owners.”

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