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InMotion Hosting Acquires RamNode

Buried in the deep internet at LowEndTalk we had high probability that RamNode was acquired by InMotion. Someone did their homework by keeping up on ARIN transfers (blocks of IP addresses). I can confirm that this is a done deal both from internal sources and the now much more obvious public response from Sunil Saxena, Co-Founder, InMotion Hosting, “InMotion Hosting, via our acquisition arm, did acquire the assets of RamNode in early February.”

Was able to reach out to InMotion and get a quick quote from Sunil:

I am happy to have RamNode join the InMotion Hosting family. Nick built a successful business and we plan to continue to scale the business based upon the foundation that is firmly in place., the acquisition arm of InMotion Hosting, did a great job in vetting and executing the deal. We are also thrilled to bring over the entire staff, all datacenter locations and products in this deal, allowing us to seamlessly run the RamNode brand independent from InMotion Hosting.

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